January 19, 2023
Stained Concrete

6 Ways to Restore Concrete

A gorgeous concrete floor can do wonders for your property’s appearance. However, dirt, grime, debris, and other contaminants gather on concrete over time and can significantly reduce its visual appeal. Fortunately, Premier Concrete Coatings is here to teach Columbus, OH, residents six ways to restore concrete surfaces and revive their allure.

Premier Concrete Coatings is one of Columbus, OH’s leading concrete staining and coating companies. We offer high-quality concrete staining that will make your concrete sidewalks, driveways, and garage floors as good as new again at a price that fits your budget. If you need professional concrete staining in Columbus, OH, contact the experts at Premier Concrete Coatings.

Top Six Concrete Restoration Methods in Columbus, OH

Concrete floors are prone to numerous issues that hinder their appeal and overall quality. Cracks can diminish a concrete slab’s integrity, while unsightly stains reduce its appearance. However, if you utilize the following restoration techniques, you can breathe new life into your property’s concrete surfaces, taking their looks to incredible new heights.

1. Resurfacing

Many Columbus residents believe they must replace concrete floors once cracks take hold of their surface. However, concrete resurfacing allows you to repair the concrete without paying expensive replacement costs.

Concrete resurfacing is the process of filling cracks and gaps with a durable overlay containing cement and bonding agents. You can also add a captivating finish to the final step to change the surface’s color or design. Resurfacing is much cheaper than replacement services and can restore your concrete surfaces while enhancing their looks.

2. Pressure Washing

Sometimes a high-quality power wash is all it takes to restore a concrete patio or floor’s appearance. Pressure washers spray highly pressurized water-containing cleaning agents to remove pollutants from robust surfaces. They remove blemishes like stains, dirt, and grime, reviving the surface’s original color.

3. Water-Based Stains

Some people find concrete’s gray color bland and want to enhance its appeal without spending a small fortune. Adding a stain to a concrete floor will alter its color and make it more appealing. Water-based stains come in numerous colors and allow you to transform your drab concrete walkway into an enchanting path that matches your style and personality.

Stains also give concrete surfaces a unique glossy sheen that further enhances their final color. Concrete staining is an efficient and cost-effective way to improve your concrete surfaces.

4. Acid Washing

Acid-washing concrete allows you to restore its original appearance after it becomes overly stained or damaged. It gives you a clean slate to work with by removing the surface’s top layer, eliminating blemishes that hinder its appearance. Although some crafty homeowners can acid wash concrete without professional assistance, it’s best to hire a specialist to ensure optimal results.

5. Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings provide numerous benefits that enhance a surface’s appearance, integrity, and lifespan. Like stains, concrete coatings give floors an attractive glossy finish that will improve any room’s appeal. They also protect the concrete from cracks, stains, fissures, and other issues that adversely affect the surface.

The increased durability elongates the concrete’s lifespan, giving you a robust and attractive floor you cherish for decades.

However, it’s important to note that the concrete coating process takes time and requires extensive surface preparation. Most DIY kits don’t contain high-quality solutions and provide subpar results. Always contact a professional concrete coating company like Premier Concrete Coatings to handle the process for you and guarantee a top-notch final product.

6. Overlays and Stamps

Applying a stamp or overlay to concrete can eliminate minor damage like discoloration and chipping. Some overlays even mimic other popular flooring designs that make the concrete resemble bricks or hardwood floors, increasing its visual appeal.

Stamps and overlays provide a unique look that takes the concrete surface’s appearance to the next level while increasing its durability. It’s a cheap and effective alternative to concrete replacement and will help your property look its best at an affordable price.

Contact Premier Concrete Coatings for First-Class Concrete Staining and Coating in Columbus, OH

Premier Concrete Coatings is Columbus, OH’s number one choice for professional concrete staining and coating services. Our team will make your concrete floors look better than ever while providing exceptional customer service throughout the installation process. We’ve been helping Columbus residents improve their concrete floors for over a decade, ensuring you receive quality service from experienced professionals.

From residential concrete staining to commercial floor coatings, Premier Concrete Coatings is here to help. Give us a call at (614) 918-7345 and book an appointment today!

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