Are you looking to coat your basement flooring? Basement waterproofing flooring can be a daunting household fixture. The fact that there are several ways to do it makes it even more challenging to choose the right process to get the required finish. However, Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus, OH is here to help you get the job done professionally. We can ensure that your basement is well coated, waterproofed, and aesthetically pleasing. Let us restore your basement’s glory.

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Our Services


Metallic Marble Epoxy Floor

Marble is one of the prestigious stones we use in our flooring work because of its superb aesthetic touch and incredible durability. We have a wide array of metallic marble epoxy flooring variations that you can choose from, depending on your basement’s needs. Our experts will even help you select the right color for your basement after an upfront assessment.

Concrete Staining

Are you looking for a cost-effective floor coating? Look no further than concrete staining, which is the most affordable way to keep your basement floor looking beautiful. Besides its decorative effect, concrete staining is easy to clean and its sustainability is assured. With close to a decade of experience in concrete flooring solutions, our experts can proficiently install the staining and restore your basement floor’s glamor.

Grinding and Sealing

Do you want a contemporary industrial flooring design? The grind and seal coating is your best choice. While it was initially used in commercial and industrial settings, it has gained popularity over the years, and it is now a favorite in residential settings.

It is proficiently designed and can withstand basement traffic, giving you a durability advantage. With our installation technology, we guarantee you a naturally rustic feeling and aesthetic decor.

Poly Flakes

If your basement takes in a heavy foot or car traffic, poly flakes are a great option to ensure value for your money when installing a floor coat. These coats also have a slip-resistant finish, making them smooth while also maintaining a beautiful pattern. At Premier Concrete coating, we have several poly flakes variations that can suit any floor.

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Why Choose Premier Concrete Coating for Your Basement Coating Needs


Trained and Certified Installers

We hire skilled professionals who are licensed by The City of Columbus to perform various basement installations and fixtures. Our experts also have extensive industrial experience working on different concrete construction projects within Dublin, OH.

Innovative Designs

Are you wondering what works best for your home? We will offer you innovative designs and strategies to effectively coat your basement floors. You will be assigned an expert who will take you through the available designs and help you settle on the best choice.

Top-notch Products in the Market

We have been in the flooring industry for almost a decade, delivering quality products in Dublin, OH, and beyond its environments. A quick peek through our customer reviews on our website confirms our credibility.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our customer support team is always a dial away to answer any questions you may have or offer clarifications and assurances.

Free On-Site Quotes

We offer free on-site quotes for all of our flooring solutions. This gives you time to go through all the clauses in our services before signing the service agreement. You can also call us for clarification before making a commitment. Our billing is structured according to project milestones, but we can customize it based on your satisfaction with our services.

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Partner With The Experts of Basement Coating Services in Dublin, OH

We know that renovating your basement can be a hectic and stressful process. We are here to eliminate the hassle and give you an easy time. Get in touch with us today and request a free quote via email or on our online web contact form. Leave us your name, phone, and email to kick start the conversation, leading to a long-term partnership.