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June 11, 2014
Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck Columbus Ohio Makeover

Concrete Pool Deck Columbus Ohio Makeover

Our client called us out to take a look at their existing concrete pool deck. Upon arriving, we found that it was in decent shape for being ten years old. Only had a few cracks that needed repair and much dirt/grime from not being sealed. Upon consultation, they desired the GRANIFLEX design for their concrete pool deck

We started this concrete pool deck make-over by pressure washing, not once, but TWICE to rid the surface of all contaminants and in-between we used muriatic acid to unclog all the pores. This process ensures that we have opened the concrete’s pores so that our product will adhere properly. After this process, we repaired the cracks and filled in the joints to create a seamless surface. We use a rubber joint fill that expands and contracts with the concrete so that there are NO CRACK BACKS.

From there, we double coated the surface with our flexible, rubber coating and broadcasted the client’s desired color flakes. After sweeping up all the loose flakes, we provided the customer with two coats of protective sealant.

Now our client enjoys a Decorative, Slip-Resistant, Low Maintenance, No Crack-Back, Rubberized coating system.

View the transformation process on youtube:

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