January 18, 2018
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Benefits of Interior Concrete Sealer

Looking for a simple, clean design for your basement or commercial space? Look no further than our concrete sealer, perfect for interior flooring. Our grind and seal process allows for the natural beauty of concrete to shine in any space. From a design aspect it can be rustic or industrial or give the space a real natural feel.

On top of the aesthetics, this flooring system is easy on the budget for the benefits that provide it. It outlasts traditional flooring! Here are some reasons why our concrete sealer system is better than other traditional floors.

Grind and Seal systems are simple floor transformations consisting of grinding existing concrete to remove any coating or scratches. Following the grinding process, all the joints and repairs are filled with material. The next day, after the repair material has cured, we grind all the joints and repairs down to achieve a seamless surface. The final step is to apply two coats of urethane onto the entire concrete surface. We apply two coats of urethane to achieve maximum durability. This system typically takes 2-3 days to install.

Benefits of interior concrete sealer installations:

  • Low cost compared to other flooring systems on the market
  • Very durable
  • Quick installation
  • 100% non porous surface
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Offer very high abrasion resistance
  • Very low maintenance
  • Less labor intensive compared to other systems

Grind and Seal Installations are by far one of the least expensive systems on the market. Although these systems are typically installed in commercial settings, they have been making their way into residential basements more and more. These systems are also great for anyone who is looking for a strong durable floor with very little maintenance. Whether you’re looking for a simple design for your basement or garage, this system offers a great look for any room in your home. Check out these pictures of incredible floor transformations below.

ruined polished concrete

Polished Concrete Ruined



Our process is similar to polished concrete, but different in the fact that it is less likely to be ruined. Both, concrete sealer and polished floors, can be scratched. However, polished concrete can be permanently stained by acidic liquids. I recently was walking through Costco and Kroger and noticed this, in which I stopped and took a picture. Which can be seen here.






Want to learn more and see more pictures? Visit our Grind & Seal page to learn more about how this efficient and affordable flooring solution can be a solution for your residential or commercial space! If you have any immediate questions, please give us a call or text at 614-918-7345

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