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May 5, 2016
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Epoxy Flooring Columbus Ohio

Here’s an interesting article on Metallic Epoxy Flooring Columbus Ohio by Premier: We recently had the opportunity of installing our Metallic Marble Epoxy coating over 3500 sq ft of garage floor area. This project did not come easy as there was many obstacles to overcome in our preparation process prior to installing the coating. However, the steps that we took in preparing, repairing, and cleaning the concrete were very necessary to ensure a successful installation and longevity of this coating system.

We encountered cracks, holes, more holes, missing concrete, more cracks, oil spills, and un-level concrete. The concrete was at least 40 years old and once was the floor for a heating and plumbing company for many decades; with that said – this concrete took much abuse from vehicles, parts, etc.

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Installation Process for Epoxy Flooring


For this job, we used our Klindex 850 floor grinder, a 1/2 ton machine, to profile the surface of the concrete. This machine runs on a

Klindex 850RX and 2 Pulse Bac 1000's

Klindex 850RX and 2 Pulse Bac 1000’s

three phase hookup and can be controlled by a remote in the hands of an operator. Additionally, we use TWO Pulsebac 1000’s hooked up to this grinder to collect dust from our dry grind. This system captures approximately 98% of the dust and keeps dust from floating through the air.

  • Main Objective: Prepare the concrete for installation of an epoxy base coat by scratching up the surface – allowing a strong mechanical bond.
  • Secondary Objective: Level out uneven cracks/joints throughout the concrete floor to ensure smoothness.

Additionally, we use 7″ hand grinders to cut out corners and edge grind around obstacles/walls.

Preparing / Repairing:

In addition to preparing the floor by diamond grinding for a metallic epoxy coating, we must also fill in any cracks/joints and repair any holes, missing concrete, etc to make the floor seamless. This helps increase the decorative aesthetics and make the floor look like one giant


  • Cracks / Joints / Divots: For cracks and joints we use a flexible urethane formulated filling compound. Although flexible, we can
    Crack & Divot Repair

    Crack & Divot Repair

    not guarantee that they may not reappear – however we do our best to prevent it. There is NO SOLUTION on the market for a NO CRACK BACK system. Although, we do offer higher quality preventatives at a respectable price (rubber solutions).

  • Missing Concrete: We encountered a few different areas where the concrete was all chopped up with areas missing 1″ concrete in depth. We used a reinforced-fiber concrete mixture to fill in these larger areas to ensure durability and longevity.

After all repairs have been made, we then smooth them out by grinding down the material to make it flush with the concrete. Further more we vacuum several times and acetone the surface to get rid of contaminants and any remaining dust. Now we are ready to install the epoxy coating system.

Concrete Floor Columbus Ohio

Concrete Floor Columbus Ohio

Coatings Process

Premier Concrete Coatings uses epoxies of industrial-strength to provide client’s with only the BEST materials on the market. We purchase our materials  from a locally operated international distributor located in West Ohio that we’ve been partnered with for nearly 10 years. This gives us the advantage of knowing how the material will perform and how to install it properly (there is a variance in material from distributor to distributor throughout the industry).

  • Primer Base Coat: We apply a primer epoxy coating for two reasons:
    Epoxy Basecoat

    Epoxy Basecoat

    • A moisture barrier to help prevent holes in the metallic epoxy coating.
    • A base coat to provide depth and color matching for the decorative metallic epoxy coating.

Between coats we screen sand to provide additional surface profile – ensuring a strong mechanical bond between epoxies.

  • Metallic Marble Epoxy: The Decorative Coating.
    • We used one metallic pigment, as requested by our Client, which comes appears lighter/darker throughout the floor’s surface due to our application techniques.

The following day, we return to the job site to inspect the floor for any soft, uncured spots and possibly any holes/bubbles to repair prior to applying the protective top coat.

  • PolyurethaneProtective, Scratch-resistant, Top Coat.
    • Lastly, we applied a water-based polyurethane top coat to protect this beautiful floor from chemicals and scratches. We knew from our previous meetings that our Client would be using the floor as a showroom for vehicles. Our polyurethane will easily protect and provide an easy to clean surface.

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Maintenance for Metallic Epoxy Flooring Columbus Ohio

Follow these tips to ensure the integrity of a beautiful metallic epoxy floor that will keep everyone talking for years and years to come.

  • CleaningEasily use soap & water to clean any dirt, debris, and or mess.
  • MaintenanceIf you are looking to maintain the glossy shine, or notice any dullness, we sell and/or can install floor finish that will restore the coatings surface sheen as new. Typically, clients will apply a floor finish depending on the floor’s overall look – it really is a judgement call by the client. If desired, it can be applied semi-annually or annually, or bi-annually depending on your preference.

If you are interested in metallic marble epoxy flooring columbus ohio for your home or business, please call or text 614-918-7345 or email us at pccofcolumbus@gmail.com. We are experts in installing epoxies, concrete overlays, rubber membranes, and more for over 10+ years of experience.


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