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October 20, 2016
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Epoxy Garage Floor Marysville Ohio

What we love about our job is that we are presented with a different challenge everyday. This one particularly was an epoxy garage floor in Marysville, Ohio. Challenges can range from weather, other tradesmen, and as always – bad concrete. The homeowner’s garage floor that we had the pleasure of resurfacing wasn’t a walk in the park. Thanks to big equipment and knowledge of handling existing coatings, we were able to stay on time and provide a favorable outcome.



This client was a DIYer and installed his own epoxy garage floor many years ago. He did his research and actually prepared the floor by using an acceptable sanding method that allowed his epoxy coating to actually last longer than traditional acid washing. Additionally, he used a more industrial epoxy for the surface that allowed for more longevity. The reason he called us out was that it was starting to come off in certain areas and was ready to have the entire surface installed properly so that he would never have to worry about it again.

We figured that the epoxy would grind off easy, especially with our 800 pound grinder. However, the epoxy stuck better than we figured and the preparation process took a little longer than expected that day. This just goes to show, that the right preparation and products can definitely make the difference in how durable and long-lasting an epoxy coating can be. 

[h1a] Installation Process for Epoxy Garage Floor[/h1a]

  • Diamond Grinding
    • The most acceptable method of preparation prior to installing an epoxy floor as it removes the tightly troweled cream and opens the pores of the concrete. This allows the epoxy to penetrate and properly bond to the surface. Additionally, diamond grinding creates surface scratches for the epoxy to embed itself into. This ensures the integrity and longevity of an epoxy coating throughout the duration of its lifetime. Easy to say, that our floors will last as long as the concrete itself.
  • Joint Fill / Crack Repair

    seamless floor

    • We offer a seamless surface to all our clients, and believe it or not, every client chooses this service. Here are several reasons why:
      • Floor appears to be one complete floor.
      • Does not allow for dirt and debris to get into joints.
      • Easy to Clean (can be pressure washed)
  • Epoxy Coating with Flake Polymer Broadcast
    • After all preparation has been done then we are ready to transform the garage floor. We roll on our epoxy coating and broadcast (throw in) the flake blend while the coating is wet. We broadcast 100% until rejection to allow the entire floor to be covered. This creates a stronger epoxy flake coating.
    • The next day, we come back and sweep up all excess flake.
  • Polyurethane Top Coat Sealer
    • Last step in the process, we apply a polyurethane sealer to protect the floor from all sorts of environmental hazards it may encounter.
    • This coating is resistant to salt damage, chemicals, oil, hot-tire pickup, heavy impact and various other damaging that occurs in a garage.

Epoxy Garage Floor

[h2a] Epoxy/Polyurethane System Versus Polyaspartics System [/h2a]

From time to time we get this questions from clients. There are several Concrete Coating contractors out there and everyone does their process different and uses different materials for the job.

We find that a Epoxy/Polyurethane system to provide more durability and longevity over time compared to polyaspartics. Despite polyaspartics being able to complete a project in 1 – 2 days compared to our epoxy/polyurethane system that takes 3 – 5 days. How strong is the bond to your concrete? We mostly have to wait on dry times meaning that the material is soaking into the concrete. Allowing for a deeper, stronger mechanical bond. Better yet, epoxy/urethane system has a proven track record in tough/challenging conditions such as being installed in airplane hangars, trucking garages, commercial kitchens, and more!



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