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With the garage being one of the most basic parts of your home, it is literally the simplest one to redevelop. You may enhance the condition of your garage floor by polishing it with high-quality solutions for a long-lasting finish. Our garage floor services ensure your garage floor coating is long-lasting, resilient, and slip-resistant.

Below are the garage coating services we offer. 

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Epoxy Basecoats

Epoxy, which is taken as both a polymer as well as an elastomer, makes for a great basecoat. It is possible to formulate its compounds to get a number of different properties with varying hardness. This flexibility, as well as its strength, makes epoxy ideal concrete coating material.

When compared to some other coatings, pure epoxy is very advantageous. It won’t crack, chip away, or peel due to high temperatures or as a result of heavy use. Its fast chemical process and the intricate chemical bond that it forms with concrete allow it to have enhanced durability.

While polyurea could make you have to dig deeper into your pockets, the added savings down the road are worth it. Since the coating does not disintegrate easily, it is rare for repairs and replacements to be necessary.

Polyurea Topcoats

Polyurea makes for a great topcoat largely due to its ability to dry quickly. Since it can be tack-free, it is able to dry in about an hour, depending on the ratio of its individual elements. In most instances, the topcoat is ready for foot traffic within 3 to 4 hours of its installation. Then, in about 24 hours, cars can pass or be parked over it.

Polyurea is especially great for exterior applications because it is known to be UV resilient. This means that your floor will hardly get discolored or experience structural damage due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Polyurea also does well as topcoats because they have enhanced durability. This is as a result of their enhanced abrasion resistance that allows them to keep their shine, even when installed on areas that experience heavy traffic. They are resistant to chemicals, acids, and dirt, which explains why they feature in most harsh environments, such as industrial basements and distilleries.

While most other coatings dry after variations in humidity and temperature, Polyurea is different. It, rather, go through two cross-linking segments. This makes them suitable for diverse temperatures and areas with varying humidity.

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Our Installation Process

We oversee every flooring project from beginning to end, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your house or office.


To prepare your garage floor before resurfacing, our professionals shot-blast it and perform dust diamond grinding. Then, to smooth out your surfaces, we use fillers and menders.

Setting up

We hand-cast artistic chips for increased texture and color after installing the base coat, sometimes employing a tinted mender to give greater longevity to your base. After hand-casting all chips, we scrub and clean the garage floor to clear any vertical or loosened vinyl flakes to provide a flawless finish.

Trust Us To Transform Your Floor With The Best Coatings 

Foot traffic, autos, extreme weather events, and heavy machinery wear out garage floorboards throughout time, leaving stains and fractures. This is why floor coatings are so important. In the Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Powell, Waterville, Hilliard, and Newark regions, Premier Concrete Coatings offers both residential and business garage floor coatings. Regardless of the size, design, or proximity of your garage, we will install coats that truly complement it.

Having years of practice in the Ohio vicinity, we understand the hardships your floors face and how to protect them, so they can survive for generations. Please contact us right now for a free quote.