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May 18, 2015
Blog | Epoxy Flake | Garage Floors

Garage Floor Coating Westerville Columbus Ohio

We’ve been doing more and more garage floor coating westerville columbus ohio over the years that even commercial paint brands have their own epoxy flooring on the shelf in big box stores. These brands are perfect for the Do-It-Yourself kind of person and will keep you busy over the weekend as you clean out your garage, roll out the paint, and throw a small amount of flakes – everything looks great. Before you know it, Spring rolls back around and you begin to notice that your garage floor coating is peeling and flaking. Feeling unsatisfied, you wonder why the coating did

Garage Floor Coating Westerville Columbus Ohio

Garage Floor Coating Westerville Columbus Ohio – Preparation

not last for 2 –  3 years; the reason, you did not prep your floor before install. At Premier Concrete Coatings, we spend over 66% of our time preparing your concrete for our garage floor coating. We have more and more people coming to us from botched garage floor coatings!

We recommend our Epoxy Color Flake for all garage floor coatings!

We just finished another garage floor out in Westerville, suburb of Columbus, Ohio, this week. We put down an epoxy flake floor design in this two car garage; not only does it look great, but it will also protect the floor from the salt damage in the winter.

One main concern this homeowner had was about their car leaking oil or antifreeze onto the coating. Good news for them, any chemicals will just sit on top of the coating and will NOT penetrate through the protective top coat. Our recommendation in this situation is to simply wipe it up as soon as you see it.

Another concern they had was about hot tires as their vehicle entered the garage. Our Epoxy Flake coating system is designed to withstand high surface temperatures and will not melt or flake off.

Check out more pictures in our PHOTO ALBUM!

If you want to upgrade your garage, give us a call for a free estimate at 614-918-7345 or fill out a form on our contact page!

Garage Floor Coating Westerville Columbus Ohio

Garage Floor Coating Westerville Columbus Ohio – Before

Garage Flooring Columbus Westerville Ohio

Garage Floor Coating Westerville Columbus Ohio – After

Garage Floor Coating Westerville Columbus Ohio

Garage Floor Coating Westerville Columbus Ohio – Flake Design

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