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January 17, 2022
Epoxy Floors

How Long Do Commercial Epoxy Floors Last?

Commercial epoxy floors can last up to 20 years or more with the right epoxy flooring system. A professional recommending the proper system for the floor is one key to longevity. If installed correctly, the floor will last for many years of service. Additionally, cleaning can be a key to how good the floor will look over time.

As a professional installer, we only use industrial grade epoxy floor products. These materials are designed to last in most commercial and industrial situations. Heavy foot traffic and light to moderate vehicle traffic usually can use a two to four layered epoxy system. 

However, epoxy flooring systems need to be built for certain situations. Floors that consistently carry water need to have heavy anti-slip included in the top coat. Floors that experience abuse from chemical or warehouse forklift traffic need an multi-layered epoxy system to survive. 

When the right system is installed then the floor will be able to last properly. In addition to it lasting properly is the need for maintained cleanings. 

Maintaining a cleaning schedule on epoxy floors promotes longevity of the coating. It will make the epoxy floor last much longer from the perspective that dirt and grime won’t constantly be cutting into the floor. 

Chemical spills and other types of liquids can stain epoxy over time – or even eat at the epoxy if it is corrosive. Ensuring that these types of liquids are cleaned up on a regular basis prevents any issues – and promotes safety. 

We seek out what we believe is the best material for our projects and have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet over the past decade. With this said, we have floors in service with over 7+ years of life from heavy foot traffic commercial space to residential garage floor. 

How do I care for my commercial epoxy floor?

In a commercial setting, cleaning is done every day. Simply mopping with a microfiber pad and a soft detergent helps keep any dirt from the surface. If possible, a walk-behind scrubber is the best for weekly cleaning. We highly recommend a walk behind scrubber for areas that receive high foot traffic such as hallways and lobby areas that are more than 3000 square feet.

Although a scrubber can be an expensive piece of equipment it will take minutes to clean a floor versus hours – and the machine will do a better job. 

How am I picking the right epoxy floor?

In most cases, you can’t go wrong with which style of epoxy floor you are wanting. With professional guidance we provide the pros/cons to each floor based on our experience and past client experience (eight years of floors installed). Furthermore, clients are welcome to come to our shop and test specific   situations that may occur. 

For example, we had a food manufacturer that scraped dough off the floor daily. They wanted to ensure that their scrapers would not damage the floor. We put the floor to the test – they came over and did several various scraping patterns to mimic an employee’s routine action. Fortunately for all of us, there was no damage. 3 years later, Brownie Points still loves their floor and called us back to complete their office space.

Where can I see these floors?

We have had these floors installed all over Central Ohio since 2013. Floors that are easy to access are listed below:

Grind & Seal

Aladdins Eatery – Powell

One Line Coffee – Franklinton

Mod Pizza – Morse/Hamilton & Polaris

Van’s Store – Tuttle Mall & Easton Mall

Concrete Stain

Brookshire Event Center – Lewis Center

Eastside Grace Church – Blacklick

Bassett Furniture – Easton

Metallic Marble

Gallo’s On High – Clintonville

Gallo’s – Upper Arlington

Potter’s House – West Columbus

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