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March 22, 2017
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MOD Pizza – Polaris – Polished Concrete Sealer Columbus Ohio

Looking for somewhere to eat that has a great floor, then check out MOD Pizza – Polaris – Polished Concrete Sealer Columbus Ohio. MOD Pizza has some delicious pizza, my favorite is the Jasper or the Calixco. What is great is you can also add toppings to the pizza, or whatever you would like for that matter and still pay the same price. Like I said, a great place to eat. In addition, we had the great opportunity to install our polished concrete sealer to the floor for this restaurant. This blog will show you pictures and explain the application process that goes into installing our grind and seal, polished concrete sealer.

Polished concrete sealer is definitely a durable, affordable option for any retail floor, living space, event center and more. It is slip-resistant and easy to clean by nature due to monolithic, static surface. Being a seamless floor coating no germs, dirt, or waste can penetrate through making for an allergy and smell-free environment. With the additional benefit of being easy to clean – any spills can be easily cleaned with soap & water. Furthermore, the surface has a special static grip that makes it safe and slip-resistant.

[h2a]Polished Concrete Versus Polished Concrete w/Sealer[/h2a]

Polished concrete is a very durable and beautiful flooring system. It is perfect for retail spaces, distribution and high pedestrian traffic areas as it is easy to maintain and can be renewed if neglected. However, for spaces with open food and chemicals it is slightly inferior. Go check out our friends over at CPC Floor Coatings’ blog post about polished concrete versus concrete coatings.

Polished concrete by nature is still porous, meaning it can accept any acidic juices, chemicals, and other broken down contaminants over time. This results in stains that are burned into the concrete (will never be able to remove the stains) and further break down the concrete. Simply go to your local Kroger grocery store and walk down the Pickle aisle – here you will see irremovable stains.

Concrete sealer is a better option in a restaurant environment. Any grease, acidic food topping, and cleaning chemical can simply be wiped up off the floor due to it being COATED. In other words, the surface is not-porous and requires a mild cleaner to return back to normal. No stains.

[foogallery id=”12374″]

There is a lot of work that goes into making polished concrete sealer perfect. We grind a few passes to not only smooth out the concrete, but also to bring out the aggregate in the concrete. From there, we fill in any joints, large cracks, and divots to make a monolithic surface. For this particular project, we used a grey patching material in which we have found a new supplier that makes colored patching material (we now use browns).

Check out these pictures throughout the process to get a sense of what it takes to make a beautiful, seamless, easy to clean restaurant floor!


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