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May 27, 2015
Blog | Pool Deck

Pool Deck Maintenance Columbus Concrete Contractor

Pool Deck Maintenance Columbus Concrete Contractor in Columbus, Ohio providing solutions for repairing cracks and damage along with a decorative design. Is the concrete around your swimming pool ugly, cracking, and in need of repair? Looking for ideas beyond repairing and want to never worry about maintaining your pool deck again? Serving Columbus, Ohio has a concrete contractor, Premier makes pool deck maintenance nearly non-existent with our Graniflex, rubber coating system. With our endless color and pattern options, we can give your concrete pool deck a makeover that will that will refresh it’s look-appeal.

Pool Deck Maintenance Columbus Concrete Contractor

Grinding off existing coating

We currently have embarked on a 4000+ square foot neighborhood community concrete pool deck in Dublin, Ohio. The swimming pool’s concrete deck had an existing concrete coating for approximately 10 years that had little to no sealer. We will apply our Graniflex coating system on this project which is perfect for all swimming pool decks, whether residential, commercial, and municipal.

As we do with every single coating, we have to start out with a fresh concrete surface. That is where we brought in our 1000 pound-remote control diamond grinder to get us to a fresh surface. We have the proper equipment and techniques to ensure that your coating will adhere for years and years to come. Additionally, we are certified installers of Graniflex, the best rubber membrane concrete coating for concrete. In this post, you the grinding phase of this project. From there, we then pressure wash, acid wash, then pressure wash to make sure the concrete is very porous to allow our rubber system the ability to penetrate fully.

Continue following this project to learn more about Graniflex and how we install this coating system; more pictures and videos to follow!


Learn more about Graniflex and its functions/benefits – Voted Most Innovative Product @ the 2015 World Of Concrete event in Las Vegas!

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Pool Deck Maintenance Columbus Concrete Contractor

Pool Deck Maintenance

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