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Your restaurant flooring can take quite a beating from the constant foot traffic of customers and staff.

Kitchen and bathroom sanitation is also a cause for concern when older flooring cracks apart and allows germs and microbes to hide. When you’re looking for a resilient, high-quality restaurant flooring solution that keeps your floors clean and beautiful, you will want to speak with the professionals at Premier Concrete Coatings in Columbus, OH, about restaurant concrete flooring.

Custom Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Solutions

Your commercial or restaurant kitchen has to keep up with incredible demands daily. These commercial kitchen floors need to be slip-resistant and easy to maintain to meet food safety standards. Our team offers a recommended selection of epoxy floor coating solutions to meet your kitchen and food safety needs, including:

We combine science and art to design and install the best flooring options for your commercial concrete floor resurfacing needs. Your commercial kitchen needs to withstand heavy equipment, high temperatures, and acidic or greasy spills. Unsealed concrete is likely to chip, crack, and flake apart under normal conditions in a commercial kitchen.

Custom Restaurant Dining Floor Options

Restaurant dining floors are subject to heavy foot traffic by hungry customers and busy staff. These floors in the front-of-house need to be functional and beautiful as well as resilient. Once again, our team has commercial epoxy floor coatings and other restaurant concrete flooring solutions that will meet those needs.

The commercial epoxy floor services we offer for front-of-house seating areas and restrooms include:

These restaurant concrete flooring options allow you to pick a variety of color pigments added to the epoxy mix to create custom-designed floors. This feature means that the flooring will match the decor and theme of your foodservice business. We provide a custom aesthetic combined with the long-lasting properties of commercial epoxy floor coatings to help your floors endure the daily demands of restaurant life.

High-Quality Concrete Restaurant Flooring Options

What kind of flooring options do we offer at Premier Concrete Coatings in Columbus, OH? Let’s take a closer look at the commercial concrete resurfacing and epoxy floor coatings available from our team.

Our service areas include;

Grind and Seal

The grind and seal service is a fairly simple concrete resurfacing with just a few steps involved. These services are great for commercial and industrial trades, as the sealant is strong enough to withstand even the weight of vehicle traffic. The application process includes:

  • Grinding down the original concrete: This step removes the outermost layer of exposed, stained, and deteriorated concrete.
  • Filling in cracks, gaps, and repair the exposed concrete as needed: This process allows repair material to dry and grinds down extra material to an impeccably smooth surface.
  • Apply two coats of the sealant in gloss or matte: This allows the sealant to cure fully.

Metallic Marble

This concrete epoxy service overhauls the concrete aesthetic and gives it a high-end, sophisticated appearance. The metallic pigments swirl through the epoxy to give your restaurant concrete flooring a beautiful depth that cannot be matched by some of our other commercial concrete floor resurfacing services.

The application process involves:

  • Grinding down damaged concrete and repair as needed.
  • Sanding the repair materials as needed to smooth out the surface further.
  • Mixing metallic pigments into the epoxy and pouring them to create the marble effect.
  • Adding satin urethane as needed to replicate a natural marble finish.

Solid Color Epoxy

The solid color epoxy service offers a full-coverage, non-transparent epoxy in a variety of colors. The application process includes:

  • Grinding and repairing existing concrete damage to create a smooth surface.
  • Mixing and pouring the solid color epoxy into the concrete and allowing it to cure fully.

Concrete Staining

The concrete staining services with Premier Concrete Coatings in Columbus, OH, can completely transform your concrete restaurant flooring appearance. We can stain the typical drab gray concrete to look like wood, tiles, or just about anything you can imagine. This practical, cost-efficient concrete staining service brings your restaurant floors to a whole new level. The application process involves:

  • Grinding down damaged concrete and repairing or filling as needed to ensure a smooth concrete canvas for your custom stain design.
  • Following owner or contractor directions about the design and color of the desired final look using top-quality concrete stains and epoxy products.

Epoxy Flakes

The addition of epoxy flakes to your concrete resurfacing service provides a unique aesthetic for your restaurant’s concrete flooring. The epoxy flake blends include two or more colors of flakes that always offer a distinct look for your flooring. To complete this process, we:

  • Pour the first layer of epoxy and apply epoxy flakes before the layer cures.
  • Grind and repair existing concrete to ensure a smooth surface for epoxy adhesion.
  • Smooth any flakes that cured in the wrong position before applying the topcoat of epoxy.
  • Apply the topcoat of epoxy and allow it to cure fully.

Commercial Restaurant Concrete Floor Resurfacing Benefits

There are many benefits to resurfacing your restaurant’s concrete flooring. You already know that these commercial floors are in constant use that contributes to long-term flooring damages. The long-lasting benefits of resurfacing your concrete restaurant flooring with Premiere Concrete Coatings in Columbus, OH, can include:

  • Higher durability than the old or unsealed concrete flooring that may be present in your restaurant
  • Easier to clean sealed and polished concrete flooring throughout the restaurant
  • Custom choice of color and custom artistic design to match or update your restaurant theme
  • Resistance to chemical damage like cleaning products and acidic foods
  • Prevention of scratches from restaurant equipment, dining tables, chairs, and barstools
  • Anti-slipping (requires an additive) for additional safety in or out of the kitchen for restaurant staff and customers
  • Your choice of gloss or matte finishes to customize your restaurant’s overall aesthetic further

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