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August 27, 2015
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Stained Concrete Floor

I’ve been meaning to post about this floor we did out in Dublin a few weeks ago. We’ve just been so busy lately with a variety of jobs here at the end of the summer that it has been tough to get back on to the computer. We are very proud of how this project turned out, one of our best Tuscan Slate Stained Concrete Floor projects that we’ve installed. The project took us about 4 days to complete from start to finish and was done throughout the house; thus meaning kitchen, living room, hallway, etc. We had some tight corners to work in, but all in all, it was well worth it!

This project we used our Tuscan Slate (Tiled) Design, learn more about this concrete finish by following this link. 

An alternative to carpet, our concrete coatings are designed to withstand water damage benefiting homeowners

Stained Concrete Floor

Repairing Holes / Cracks

by saving them TIME and MONEY. Additionally, homeowners receive a custom stained concrete floor unlike any other flooring system. We truly take the time to prep and design the concrete surface by hand in which we take every detail into account.

We start this concrete finish by first preparing the surface for our concrete overlay. We accomplish this by grinding the concrete to make small grooves upon the surface – important for a strong mechanical bond between the surface and our concrete. Next we move on to filling in any and all holes in the surface. This homeowner had carpet previously, so we had to fill in all tack strip holes and cracks to ensure a seamless surface.

Stained Concrete Floor

Base Coat w/Taped out grout lines

After prep, now we do the design – which is the fun part. We first apply a concrete basecoat that we trowel out over the entire surface. This

coat is usually darker, allowing for a rich antique affect for the staining. Second, we then tape out a diagonal tile pattern followed by troweling out our decorative Tuscan design over top. We follow up on the project the next day, pulling tape, cleaning up, and then applying a 100% solid epoxy protective coating to the surface. Only maintenance required by the customer is to simply wax once or twice a year. A bottle of wax usually costs between $5 – 10 a gallon and takes about 5 – 10 minutes to apply. Easy!



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