April 20, 2023
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The Science of Commercial Coatings: How Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus Can Help Your Showroom Floors Stand Out

When it comes to your showroom, first impressions matter. You might be selling amazing products at affordable prices, but if your showroom sends the wrong message, you could find it challenging to make sales.

Fortunately, the right showroom flooring can rejuvenate your entire establishment and enhance customer experience.

Do you need a high-quality commercial coating that will boost your showroom’s visual appeal while protecting the floors from damage? Read on to learn more about the effective solutions our coating experts offer.

Why Your Showroom Needs Commercial Coatings

Though a simple concrete slab is ideal for most floors, it is not the best option for a showroom. Your showroom floors need to be as stunning as the products on display.

Here are a few reasons why upgrading your showroom floors is essential.

Visual Appeal

The world of sales is all about impressing potential customers, and the right concrete coating can help you do just that. With endless colors and styles to pick from, you can attain stunning finishes that are certain to wow every customer that walks into your business.

Looks Professional

You need to make the right impression on every customer that visits your showroom to view your inventory. Though many focus on the products themselves, there is another feature that could be chasing customers away: the floor.

Few things are more off-putting in a showroom than a dirty, damaged floor. Fortunately, installing the right coating can revitalize the look and feel of your business.

Once customers notice how much you care for your floors, they will have more confidence in purchasing your products.

Enhances Safety

Uncoated concrete floors place you, your staff, and your customers at risk of slip-and-fall accidents. The good news is that installing anti-slip coatings can help prevent these safety hazards.

The surfaces these coatings create will allow your staff and customers to walk on the floor comfortably, even when their shoes are wet.

If that wasn’t enough, certain coatings have antimicrobial properties, which enable them to prevent the growth of mold. These properties go a long way in improving your showroom’s indoor air quality and reducing risks of respiratory issues.

Protects Your Products

Besides enhancing your floor’s strength and appearance, commercial coatings can also protect your products from damage.

For instance, bare concrete floors can eat away at a vehicle’s tires. However, installing a quality coating can help you prevent this.

How Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus Can Help

Though upgrading your showroom flooring is essential, it is vital to work with a reliable company that can deliver your desired results.

That is where Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus comes in.

Backed by a team of experienced coating experts, we can implement personalized, cost-effective solutions ideal for various industrial environments. We understand the makeup of different coating options and can offer the guidance you need to choose the option that will meet your flooring needs.

Whether safety and durability are your priority or you place style above all else, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the coating systems we feel would greatly benefit your Columbus showroom.

Metallic Marble Epoxy

This flooring option is one of the most decorative coatings on the market. It consists of a pigmented, industrial-strength epoxy layer and a durable polyaspartic topcoat.

The coating also comes with an endless selection of colors from which to choose. You can opt for one solid color or combine more than one to create a stunning, unique finish.

Besides its wow factor, metallic marble epoxy also offers impressive longevity. With a bit of maintenance, your floors can retain their spectacular finish for years without fading or developing damage.

1-2-3 Epoxy

The 1-2-3 epoxy flooring system consists of three layers: the base is one layer of solid color epoxy and two polyaspartic topcoats.

This option is perfect for industrial environments that require high visibility because of heavy traffic. It is also easy to maintain and clean and offers maximum durability.

Like metallic marble epoxy, this coating also provides you with a wide range of color choices. This endless selection means you can customize the finish according to your preferences. You can even add color to the two polyaspartic topcoats.

Epoxy Flake

Epoxy flake coatings consist of a layer of epoxy, quartz, or vinyl flakes, as well as two coats of a polyaspartic topcoat. They are extremely popular because of the crisp, clean look they offer.

Additionally, their strength allows them to withstand heavy workloads without developing damage.

To further enhance your floor’s durability, our team can add an extra layer of high-build epoxy before applying the topcoat.

High-End Showroom Flooring Solutions in Columbus

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful showroom. Understandably, most owners focus on having quality, competitively priced products. However, this isn’t enough to keep customers walking through your doors.

You also need to have an impressive setup that sends the right message. While this can be challenging to achieve, the right coating system promises to do wonders for your entire establishment.

At Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus, we dedicate our expertise to offering services that will deliver results we guarantee will meet all your showroom flooring needs.

We understand how essential your floor’s appearance is. Call Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus today at 614-918-7345 to request an estimate on our high-quality commercial coatings.

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