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Decorative Concrete Coating Options

Our decorative concrete coatings are perfect for inside and outside areas!

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Marble Epoxy

Our Metallic Marble design achieves a high-end, sophisticated look.

Concrete Stain Up

Concrete Staining

Enhance the natural feel of concrete while providing lively colors and varying shades.

Pictured: Tuscan Columbus

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Solid Color Epoxy

Solid color epoxy is a popular floor coating that delivers durability and resistance to spills.

Pictured: Medium Gray

pole barn concrete sealer

Epoxy Floor Flakes

Epoxy Flake flooring is a strong industrial coating designed to be an alternative to Terrazzo.


Concrete Sealing

If you notice your concrete getting uglier, sealing it is necessary to stop the problems.

Pictured: Matte Sealer Finish

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Grind & Seal

We simply apply a highly durable coating of polyurethane over the concrete,


Polished Concrete

An industrial flooring that requires no coating or wax maintenance throughout it’s lifetime.

The Columbus Decorative Concrete Experts

Decorative concrete flooring is perfect for any concrete slab whether it be in a basement, garage, retail space, office space, and more!

Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus specializes in delivering beautiful, durable, cost effective decorative concrete flooring solutions to homeowners and businesses throughout Central Ohio. As a leading decorative concrete contractor, we have over a decade worth of experience consulting and installing coatings throughout the country.

Decorative Stamped Concrete vs. Decorative Concrete Coatings

There are multiple options when it comes to decorative concrete. You can stain it, stamp it, or simply just protect it from environmental damage. People often ask, what’s the difference between stamped concrete versus concrete coatings? They both look great, so sometimes it may appear to be a matter of opinion. However, in our local market, here in Columbus, Ohio, we have found a few factors that we believe differentiate the two. But because contractors often only provide one approach or another — stamped or coatings — it can be difficult for customers to get accurate information about both options.

There are three areas of differentiation between concrete stamping and concrete coatings:

  1. Pricing
  2. Maintenance & Longevity
  3. Preparation


Stamped concrete typically costs between $8 – $12 per square foot with high-end designs above $18+.

Our concrete coatings cost between $4.50 – $9.00 per square foot (which includes labor, material, install). We pass our savings techniques onto our prospective clients.

Maintenance & Longevity

These two factors go hand in hand, one affects the other. Proper maintenance is required to extend the longevity of stamped concrete or a coating. We have found in our market that most stamped concrete contractors only provide customers with a 1 – 2 year protective coating. They do not realize that any concrete outdoors needs to have a protective coating to protect the coloring and texture of the design – otherwise the color will fade and the concrete will deteriorate.

We receive calls all the time about how with customers want to fix their faded/deteriorating stamped concrete.


Stamped concrete is usually installed when new concrete is poured. However, some contractors will do a stamped overlay which is fresh concrete troweled and stamped over existing concrete. Ensure that your contractor is diamond grinding the surface to allow for the install to properly bond with the concrete. Also make certain that he is honoring any joints in the concrete. If he was to fill in joints, they will certainly crack as the concrete expands and contracts.

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I cannot say enough how happy I am with our floor & how wonderful these guys were to work with. They explained step by step to every process & were very knowledgeable. They were as caring with my home as it were their own. I am so happy with our new floors. I can’t stop telling people about them and showing off our newly finished basement. I will use these guys again for many future jobs.

Christina S.
Verified Client

My 94 year old mother wanted to get her outdoor patio resurfaced. A friend of mine recommended PREMIER CONCRETE COATINGS. I called and spoke with Lance Ferguson, one of the owners. After speaking, we scheduled a date & time to meet at her residence.
Upon meeting with Lance, we were immediately impressed with his “no pressure” salesmanship. He patiently listened to my mother outline for him what she was looking for. He then assessed the area in question, providing his recommendations, based on the condition of the concrete and his years of experience. He showed her the available color options and helped her find a color that accented the brick on the exterior of her home. A fair and reasonable estimate was provided and agreed upon. The workers arrived when they said they would be there. If they were going to be late, they called and let me know. The workers were efficient in their duties of completing the job as well as cleaning up after themselves. I would highly recommend PREMIER CONCRETE COATINGS for any of your resurfacing needs.

Doug D.
Verified Client

Premier concrete coatings is that rate company that does exactly what they say they do, perform Quality installation of quality coatings, no clean up, no mess, punctual extremely friendly personnel. Slightly more expensive than the previous installer we used at the last house but the coating thickness and installation process was 1000 times better. Staff are extremely friendly and easy to work with. Treat you as a client the way you would expect to be treated. Highly Recommend to any one thinking of coating their garage floor that wants a quality job.

David H.
Verified Client