May 13, 2023

What Is The Best Way To Clean Stained Concrete Floors

As a home or a business owner in the Columbus area, the look of your floors is crucial. Your floors cannot afford to look cracked, stained, or generally worn down. Your floors should be a point of pride, as that surface is more than just what people walk over; it is the base of your home. With Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus, you’re guaranteed a top-of-the-line installation at a rate that doesn’t leave your wallet dry. With PCC Columbus, we work hard to prepare your surfaces for the installation and work diligently so a drawn-out installation doesn’t inconvenience our customers. We take pride in our work and believe in the longevity of our epoxy and concrete installations. However, dust and other stains or blemishes on the concrete can accumulate over time. There is no reason to worry, because you can clean stained concrete. If you’re a home or business owner in the greater Columbus area who is tired of their worn-out floors, give PCC Columbus a try, we won’t disappoint.

Don’t Worry About the Mess With Clean Stained Concrete

Dust or wear to your stained concrete floor should not be a stress point. When installed, stained concrete floors look smooth, like untouched snow after a winter’s night. But when something unsettles the finish, the stain can become very apparent and an eyesore. But there should be no panic. Cleaning your stained concrete floors is simple and takes very little time. 

Clean Stained Concrete: Comparing Floors

Stained concrete floors are both lasting and beautiful. By utilizing different colors, you can add depth to the look of your floor. Compared to surfaces such as carpet or wood, stained concrete is straightforward to clean. However, those surfaces are weak compared to stained concrete, as they have notches that dirt and other mess can get stuck into. Stained concrete is air-tight and very easy to clean. 

The Process

The first step to clean stained concrete is to sweep the surface. The sweep drives away all of the apparent dirt or large pieces of trash that might be in your way. This step is critical as the later stages require the surface to be free of obvious mess to optimize the cleaning process. Next, wet mop the surface. Mop with either water or a light mix of cleaning solution. Mopping the surface cleans the stained concrete of persistent dirt and allows the floor to shine. If there is still apparent dirt, try ammonia mixed with soap to get those tough stains out. Finally, wax the surface. Waxing doesn’t have to be done every time you clean the surface, but it is good to wax your stained concrete a couple of times a year. It enhances the shine provided by the mop and further protects your stained concrete from a dull look.

Why Choose PCC Columbus

PCC Columbus has been servicing neighborhoods with our commitment to our customers for the better part of a decade. We firmly believe that our customers are the heartbeat of our business and always attempt to do right by their standards. Since 2013, Lance Ferguson and Tom Hrncir have dedicated themselves to being a hands-on team and serve as the first point of contact when doing business. PCC Columbus only uses the highest-quality crew and materials when finishing a job, ensuring a high-quality finish. We aren’t afraid of any job, as no installation, whether epoxy or concrete, is too big for our crew to handle. We hit our deadlines, consistently communicate with our customers and staff, and abide by precise craftsmanship and a commitment to professionalism. Also, PCC Columbus provides services to New Albany, Dublin, Powell, Grove City, Westerville, Newark, and Hilliard. There is no more outstanding a choice for all of your epoxy and concrete installation-related needs than Premier Concrete Coatings Columbus in Ohio. 

PCC of Columbus offers a variety of services. Our residential services include basement flooringdriveway repairgarage flooring, and pole barn flooring. Also, our commercial services include kitchenfirehousegaragerestaurantretail, and showroom flooring. We even service industrial warehouse and factory flooring.

Get a Free Quote

Premier Concrete Coatings is the most suitable choice for homeowners in the Columbus area looking to make a change with their floors. PCC of Columbus works with our customers to ensure they get what they want. Each concrete, epoxy, or seal installation is accomplished by a professional with years of knowledge, so there is no anxiety involved with the appointment. Preserving your floors is paramount, as they act as the base of your home. So don’t wait, and contact Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus today for your free quote. Call us at (614)-918-7345 or visit our website today. 

We hope to be hearing from you soon. 

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