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December 19, 2017
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Commercial Bakery Floor

Ever had a gluten-free cookie? I have, it was delicious. Eban’s Bakery makes amazingly delicious cookies and bread every day. Located here in Central Ohio, their bakery has grown in demand and popularity tremendously throughout recent years. We were fortunate to visit with Eban’s Bakery and work with them on their flooring project for their new packing/warehouse facility off of the 270 loop. Commercial Bakery floor ing has specific needs to handle day-to-day operations. After consulting with them and presenting various flooring options, they settled on filling all joints/cracks and divots.


Project Scope

  • consisted of removing old epoxy
  • diamond grinding
  • filling all divots and shallow cracks
  • filling joints
  • diamond grinding all over-filled repairs
  • applying 2 coats of polyurethane

Benefits of this urethane sealer system for a commercial bakery floor

  • easy to clean surface
  • no crevices for dirt or contaminants to hide
  • durable hard surface for fork-lift, hand carts, pallet, and foot traffic
  • scratch/chemical Resistant
  • slip-resistance

One great thing that benefited both the bakery and us was that they had not fully moved into the new space yet. We didn’t have to work around any production and worry about contamination. Although we do not make a lot of airborne dust, it just made for a less stressful week. With the open floor, it allowed us to work continuously to complete the project within 4 days so they could get back on it come Monday.

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Contact us today for a free quote for your home or business. This Grind & Seal flooring option is great for warehouses, retail spaces, restaurants, residential basements, and any other commercial/industrial floor needs. Check out our Grind & Seal page for more information and pictures of past projects to better understand the benefits of this great flooring system.

Also check out eban’s bakery by visiting their website and ordering some cookies. You can also find them in certain Whole Foods and Kroger locations within Central Ohio.

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