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November 11, 2015
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Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete Floor Polishing is becoming one of the most popular commercial, municipal, and industrial standard for concrete coatings. You can find concrete floor polishing in a variety of concrete areas such as offices, hospitals, airports, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail spaces, and much more.

Advantages of Concrete Floor Polishing for Industrial Concrete Floors:

Unless a slab is going to be continually exposed to acid, oils, or corrosive materials, polished concrete will save industrial facilities in the long-run on its flooring costs. Coatings wear away from the surface overtime and must be reapplied eventually. Polished concrete has no coating on the surface so it is unsurpassed in its ability to hold up to fork lifts, foot traffic, and wheeled carts. Its lifecycle exceeds almost all coatings, and has no VOCs when installed. Also, workforce operation does not need to be shut down for the installation of polished concrete, whereas coatings must be restricted from traffic until they have properly dried and cured.

How do we complete Concrete Floor Polishing?

We polish concrete floors by simply grinding the concrete down with different diamond abrasives – from a very coarse grit to a very fine grit. This process allows us to achieve the correct aggregate exposure that the customer may desire, from salt and pepper to large rock aggregates. We also offer borders to make the floor have additional design.

Usually most projects take between 4 – 7 days depending on the client’s project time frame. Most polishing is done prior to business operations getting underway, but as previously mentioned we can work around business operations.

If you’re looking to upgrade your concrete floor to a polished surface, then please contact us by phone, email, or simply fill out a contact form on our website. We have the ability to do 20,000 sq ft within about 8 – 10 calendar days – this may seem to be a long process, but our polished concrete floors are done right with quality industrial products. Concrete Floor Polishing is a growing resurfacing option among industrial business in the Columbus, Ohio Market. If you’re looking for a concrete polishing contractor out in the Denver area give Nick a call over at Colorado Concrete Repair as he uses the same industrial products and techniques.

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