February 29, 2024

Does Solid-Color Epoxy Suit Your Business?

Epoxy flooring comes in an overwhelming number of color options. You might not know which pattern or color variations to choose. Why not consider a solid-color epoxy coating for your Columbus business? 

Premier Concrete Coatings explores how monochrome epoxy flooring could dress up your business below. 

How Does Commercial Solid-Color Epoxy Look?

Commercial epoxy involves one carefully blended color across your entire floor space. It creates a simple, elegant style. After you choose the color you desire, your flooring contractors will mix solid-tone epoxy resin to perfection before applying it to your commercial concrete floor. 

Once the uniform floor finish dries and cures, your business’s interior will make a bold yet sophisticated statement thanks to the stylish single-color epoxy coating.

Where Might Solid-Color Epoxy Shine?

As a discerning business owner, you want to install your one-color epoxy flooring in an appropriate space. Epoxy coatings are incredibly versatile and can elevate almost any interior. Let’s explore a few examples below. 

Commercial Kitchens

A commercial kitchen must look clean, pristine, and uniform. A durable, slip-resistant epoxy coating offers a safe, low-maintenance option. Choosing a single coating color will add to a tidy, clean appearance that allows line cooks to spot dropped food or tools.  

Break Rooms

All employees need a space to clock out, unwind, and relax during breaks. Coating the concrete with solid epoxy makes the break room feel more polished and personable than raw, exposed concrete. Make a good impression on staff by installing an attractive, long-lasting epoxy floor.


Choosing epoxy for Columbus public or private schools allows school buildings to demonstrate school spirit. Choose a blend that reflects one of the school colors. Plus, installing dark shades hides shoe scuffs, dirt, and stains. 

Commercial Garages

Single-hue epoxy coatings are perfect additions to commercial garages. Driving vehicles in and out of such workspaces all day leads to tire scuffs and grime buildup. You can easily clean an epoxy floor at the end of each day. 

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