February 29, 2024
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Should I Install Polished Concrete in My Columbus Warehouse?

As a warehouse supervisor, you need practical yet professional flooring to complement your daily workflow. Industrial flooring should look tidy, well kept, and capable of supporting constant foot traffic and heavy equipment. A polished concrete warehouse floor for a Columbus industry are up to these heavy-duty tasks. 

Discover how Premier Concrete Coatings’ Columbus polished concrete services could benefit your warehouse below.  

What Is A Polished Concrete Warehouse Floor?

Commercial concrete polishing in Columbus, Ohio, involves grinding the concrete surface to make it smoother. Then, the flooring technicians apply coats of abrasive polish to craft a shiny, refined appearance. The team repeats these steps until they achieve the desired result: an attractive, uniform stretch of durable flooring.

Unpolished vs. Polished Concrete Warehouse Floor

Many warehouses feature unpolished concrete. It looks rough, plain, and rudimentary. The unpolished texture absorbs and releases moisture more readily, making it prone to cracking and crumbling.

Your staff might struggle to keep it clean since the rough-hewn surface snags mops and brooms while hiding grime within its crevices. By contrast, a polished concrete floor simplifies upkeep and lasts longer than its unpolished counterpart. 

What Makes Professional Concrete Polishing in Columbus, Ohio, Worth It?

If you’re debating whether to invest in Columbus, OH, polished concrete floors, it helps to know how this investment works to your warehouse’s advantage. Polished concrete in Columbus, Ohio, benefits your warehouse and staff in the following ways. 


Polished concrete surfaces are denser than unpolished ones. The grinding and polish application eliminates pores, cracks, and other tiny openings. Therefore, the floor won’t absorb moisture or crack as readily. 


Raw concrete creates more dust. As moisture enters the surface and evaporates, it weakens the materials and releases fine mineral particles. Your warehouse gets grimier over the years as a result. 

Mops, brooms, and sweepers glide across polished concrete. These treated surfaces also resist stains, ensuring a gleaming, tidy appearance. 

Professional Appearance

Finally, polished floors look better than their counterparts. Make a positive impression on higher-ups, clients, and team members by polishing your floors and adding customizable details.  

Contact Premier Concrete Coatings’ Columbus For A Polished Concrete Warehouse Floor Today

Premier Concrete Coatings provides commercial and residential concrete polishing in Columbus, Ohio. Call 614-918-7345 to request a quote for polished concrete in Columbus.

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