February 5, 2016
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5 Decorative Concrete Floors every homeowner needs

Concrete is ugly, boring, plain, but yet a staple in the building of every home in the neighborhood. Although there are alternative surfaces outdoor; more than likely your garage is concrete, driveway is concrete, your patio is concrete, your basement is concrete, and your pool deck is concrete. With so much concrete, how does a homeowner simply boost the beauty of this boring, ugly concrete to make their home more appealing in their eyes? Here are 5 decorative concrete floors every homeowner needs to consider for existing concrete at their home. Not only can Premier enhance the aesthetics of your concrete, but all of our coatings also provide efficiency through longevity/durability, slip-resistance, and affordability.

1. Tuscan Slate Concrete Overlay w/Stain with a Tile Pattern

Here at Premier, we love installing concrete coatings and one of the most exciting transformations is our Tuscan Slate design. It is has multiple steps, each one different, in achieving the final overall appearance of the coating.

5 Decorative Concrete Floors Every Homeowner Needs

Tuscan Slate Tile Stain

From ugly to awesome, this coating is designed to impress and address all needs of concrete that has been beat up or had previous flooring. Due to our experience, we can consult with our clients on which coating will give them the best end result. Some coatings can cover up any and all history of previous issues with our Tuscan Slate being one of the ultimate decorative options to hide any and all of a concrete floor’s flaws.

Tuscan Slate is perfect for homeowners looking to dress up their basement, patio, and even driveway. If outdoor, there will be needed maintenance every 2 – 4 years as no protective Acrylic sealer can withstand UV Rays from the Sun. With that said, a new coat of Acrylic sealer will need to be applied to protect the integrity of color and concrete. Not expensive, but just something to consider. Premier offers maintenance packages for client’s that have chosen us to install this coating.

2. Metallic Marble Epoxy – Blended Colors

One of the most majestic coatings we offer is our Metallic Marble epoxy design. With a mind of its own, the epoxy and metallic pigment settles itself throughout its drying time thus offering a look unlike any other coating available on the market. When we install this coating, we use various styles of moving the epoxy around on the floor to blend it together. Whether it is a ribbon, swirl, vein, or just mix technique, we walk away knowing that in a couple of hours the floor will look completely different from when we had started.

Perfect for homeowners that have a basement looking for a waterproof solution and an option for a man cave, kids playroom, or something more. This epoxy coating provides homeowners with an easy to clean and maintain solution without the worry of being damaged by uneventful basement flooding.

5 Decorative Concrete Floors Every Homeowner Needs

Metallic Marble – 2 Colors

3. Concrete Wood

Concrete Wood has definitely been one of the main attractions that has put the decorative concrete industry on the map in recent years.We actually are trained and certified by the original installers of the concrete wood design here in Ohio.

5 Decorative Concrete Floors Every Homeowner Needs

Concrete Wood Patio

Since then, this installer has gone on to form his own distribution company in which we purchase our materials from locally here in Western Ohio. Like our Tuscan Slate design, Concrete Wood is also a very fun transformation process as it has multiple stages and the end result is mind boggling. At trade show events, we always bring our samples in which homeowners are always very impressed by the fact that concrete can look exactly like wood. We always remind them, why not have us install our concrete wood and then get the added benefit of concrete (moisture resistant, scratch resistant, easy to maintain).

Concrete Wood is perfect for any existing concrete floor whether it be indoor or out. Like Tuscan Slate, this concrete overlay will need to be maintained every 2 – 4 years by applying an new acrylic sealer to protect color and concrete.

4. Graniflex

If you’re the type of homeowner that doesn’t want a decorative, flashy coating, but wants to protect their concrete and never worry about maintenance then Graniflex is the coating for you. Graniflex has many decorative options such as color flake choices and patterns/designs, but also has benefits unlike any other coating we offer or that is on the market. Dubbed as the “Most Innovative Product” from the 2015’s World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, this coating is designed to outlast your concrete as well as prevent any cracks and needed maintenance for at least 8-10 years.

Waterproof, Slip-Resistant, Decorative, Seamless, and low maintenance make Graniflex the ultimate coating for any existing concrete. With these benefits, we have many, many pool owners call us to install Graniflex for their concrete pool deck.

5 Decorative Concrete Floors Every Homeowner Needs

Graniflex Swimming Pool

5. Epoxy Flake

Epoxy Flake is one of the best coatings for any situation: whether that be flawed concrete, high traffic concrete, or dirty areas. Originally, Epoxy Flake was the corner stone of our business prior to all the decorative coatings we offer today.

5 Decorative Concrete Floors Every Homeowner Needs

Epoxy Flake Garage Floor

Needless to say, we’ve done a lot of Epoxy Flake projects in the past. Homeowners love Epoxy Flake for a few reasons, one it is very easy to maintain, two it can hide dirt from showing on the floor, and three it still dresses up any existing concrete floor.

This coating has been primarily installed and recognized in garage floors over the years as it is highly durable against vehicle traffic. It has so much popularity that even retail stores carry product lines that cater to DIY’ers that want to install an epoxy flake in their garage. Typically these epoxy kits for DIY’ers last only 2-3 years before failing and are very cheap in price. If you want your Epoxy Flake floor to last as long as your garage call a professional that will take the proper steps to ensuring the integrity of the coating.

Why Every Homeowner Needs to Consider Decorative Concrete Flooring

At this point, you’ve probably settled on a couple of designs for a particular area around your home that you can see having a decorative concrete coating installed. However, you are not certain if this is the right decision as you aren’t completely sold on the benefits. Here are some reasons why decorative concrete flooring has benefits over traditional flooring options:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Increases the value of the home
  • Waterproof
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Affordable compared to alternative options

So there you have it, 5 Decorative Concrete Floors Every Homeowner Needs in Central Ohio.

How to contact Premier Concrete Coatings, your Central Ohio Decorative Concrete Flooring Expert

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