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March 6, 2017
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Epoxy Floor Basement Columbus Ohio

Check out this epoxy floor basement columbus ohio project that we completed earlier this year in January. The homeowner plans to turn his basement into a bar and billiards area. Our epoxy floor will but up to a transition of carpet where a couch and TV entertainment area will exist. We are very excited to come back and take pictures of all the completed work in the next couple of months. Our epoxy floor covered approximately 700 sq ft. Below are the steps we take to prepare/install an epoxy floor and pictures followed.

Epoxy Floor Installation

  1. Per our usual method, we started installation by diamond grinding the surface with our floor grinder. We used our Klindex Hercules to get grind through the tightly troweled concrete. This process allows us to obtain 2 objectives. The first being that the diamonds scratch up the surface creating a nice profile for the epoxy to grip on to. Second, this process also opens the pores of the concrete, allowing for our vapor barrier to penetrating into the floor creating a mechanical bond.
  2. After the floor has been diamond ground, the corners ground, and all edge grinding complete. We are then ready to repair any divots/cracks/joints to make one solid, seamless floor. We use materials that typically take 8 – 12 hours to completely cure before they are ready to be ground flush with the surface. We typically use polyurea’s and epoxies to make our repairs.
  3. The next day, we then grind all repair material flush with the floor to prepare for the epoxy. The entire coating is approximately 25 mils thick meaning that any imperfections will surely show in the top coat.
  4. We first install a vapor barrier.
  5. Next we apply a black base coat of epoxy.
  6. We then applied a two-color metallic marble epoxy system.
  7. Step back and appreciate glossy and metallic pigmented epoxy.


[foogallery id=”12345″]

If you’re looking to have your basement floor coated with Metallic epoxy, look no further. We are confident that we are Columbus, Ohio’s #1 installers of Decorative Metallic Epoxy and have the references, experience, and equipment to prove it. As of March, 6th, we have completed 5 metallic epoxy floors that cover over 6000 sq ft and have another 3 on the books to be installed before April.

In addition, you will find that we are very clean, tidy, and communicative so that you are extremely satisfied!

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