May 17, 2023
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Basement Floor Coatings: Guide for Long-Term Performance

So, you’ve installed a basement floor coating to protect and increase the appeal of your property. Although basement floor coatings require minimal maintenance, they still need some occasional care to keep them looking their best. How do you properly maintain your freshly coated floor?

At Premier Concrete Coatings, our team specializes in installing and servicing quality floor coatings. Thus, we’ve extended some of our expertise to you. Continue reading to learn what you should to protect and maintain your basement flooring.

Advantages of Basement Floor Coatings

When properly maintained, your floor coating will provide years of reliable protection. It’s far sturdier than the plain concrete basement floor you previously had. It also looks better than most typical concrete floors.

One of the main benefits of a floor coating is its resistance to moisture, mold, chemicals, impact, and cracking. A concrete floor will weaken within a decade of its installation, readily displaying its disrepair. It crumbles at the edges, cracks in high-traffic areas, and becomes mottled by stains.

A coated concrete floor, on the other hand, shows nothing of the sort. It retains its gorgeous gleam and rarely becomes marred by unseemly scratches or blemishes. Thus, its popularity has grown among homeowners and business owners alike.

So, what should you do to keep those carefully chosen concrete floor paints and decorative chips visible for all to appreciate? Take notes from the experts on exceptional floor maintenance.

#1 Choose Experts To Install the Coating

Every endeavor requires a strong foundation. Professional installation provides the best foundation for durable basement floor coatings. Yet, many homeowners attempt the DIY route, which can lead to aesthetic and consistency issues such as:

  • Blistered surface
  • Craters
  • Air bubbles
  • Pinholes

If you haven’t yet installed a floor covering, leave room in your budget for professional installation. Experienced flooring technicians have the equipment and quality products needed to craft a gorgeous, quality floor coating.

#2 Keep the Right Equipment Readily Available

After installation, keep the following cleaning tools handy:

  • Microfiber sweeper
  • Microfiber mop
  • Microfiber rags
  • Gentle floor cleaner

Abrasive cleaning tools can leave tiny scratches across the floor’s surface. You won’t immediately notice these scratches, but they will collect across the surface. This diminishes your floor’s alluring shine and damages the surface’s integrity.

Harsh cleaners can degrade the coating over time. Stay away from floor cleaners that contain citrus, vinegar, or other acids listed as ingredients. Opt for dish soap diluted with water. You can also purchase an epoxy-appropriate wax or polishing agent.

#3 Proactively Protect the Surface

Although floor coatings are incredibly durable, they can still sustain damage. Dropping extremely heavy tools could lead to scratches or dents. Dragging large equipment like lawn mowers or decommissioned trailers across the floor leaves scrapes and abrasions behind.

If you need to move something big, try to lift rather than drag it. Ask a neighbor or family member for help or use equipment that can safely assist you. When you don’t have a choice besides dragging the heavy object, put a microfiber cloth beneath each contact point to minimize cosmetic damage.

#4 Don’t Let Spills Sit

Many property owners purchase floor coatings due to their stain and chemical resistance. However, you should still clean up any spills promptly. Some chemicals can damage a coating’s surface.

The longer a spill sits, the more damage it may do. Plus, you’ll struggle to clean it once it dries. Dried stains often require harsh chemicals which can also degrade your basement floor coating.

#5 Sweep and Spot-Clean Regularly

Dirt, sand, and dust collect in most buildings, creating an unsightly and unkempt film across the indoor surfaces. The buildup doesn’t just look messy. It can also cause tiny scratches in your flooring that your eyes won’t detect until they collect.

Like most floors, each square foot of a coated concrete floor benefits immensely from regularly sweeping. Use a microfiber push-broom to relocate the dust and debris into one location. Then, power up a hand-held or shop vacuum to suck up the dust pile.

You can also prevent future dust collection by using the vacuum around corners and other obscure areas that often go unnoticed. Finally, dampen the microfiber mop with plain, warm water to spot-clean any stray spills you may have missed.

Repeat this routine weekly or as needed. Spot-cleaning makes your floor look cleaner and shinier while protecting it from microdamage.

#6 Deep Clean Occasionally

Sometimes, you accidentally spill a large container of product. Other times, you just notice that your floor looks less appealing than you’d like. Either situation signifies that your floor needs a deep clean.

After thoroughly sweeping, mix a combination of warm water and gentle dish soap into a bucket. Mop each inch of floor space, rinsing the mophead regularly to better eliminate dirt. You may continue mopping until the mophead doesn’t drip dirty water.

Once your floor dries, use the wax or polish on areas that get lots of traffic. These products help your floor retain its shine.

Get a Free Quote on Basement Floor Coatings in Columbus, OH From Premier Concrete Coatings

If you chose our flooring technicians to install your coating, then our team at Premier Concrete Coatings has your back. Sometimes, basement floor coatings need a new topcoat to keep the whole floor properly sealed. Our five-year warranty guarantees you that convenience.

Call us at 614-918-7345 to discuss our services. You can also request a free quote on basement floor coatings in Columbus, OH. 

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