September 5, 2015
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Garage Floor Coating in Columbus Ohio

Looking to get your garage floor coating in Columbus Ohio? Premier Concrete Coatings is a decorative concrete coating contractor that has been installing various floor coatings to garages, driveways, pools, basements, bathrooms, barns, sidewalks, warehouses, hospitals, fire stations, offices, and much more. Where ever there is existing concrete, our concrete coatings are a perfect flooring option that will give the owner’s floor benefits above other flooring options such as tile, laminate, wood, or carpet.

About 20% of our business comes from garage floor coatings in Columbus, Ohio; however we originally began our careers installing epoxy based products in garages with decorative flakes. From the beginning, we firmly believe that a durable and long-lasting garage floor coating comes from proper preparation and expert installation of industrial products (we only use products of industrial/commercial strength). 65% of coatings fail due to improper preparation; make certain that your contractor diamond grinds or shot blasts the surface prior to installing the epoxy coating. Proper surface profiling is key to the longevity of the coating along with quality repairs (when necessary).

epoxy close picture3


I set out to see if other concrete coating contractors have the same beliefs and principals that we have in place. I came across one  contractor that specializes in concrete floor coatings in Northern Virginia. Collins Concrete Coatings of Northern Virginia also installs concrete coatings on garage floors, driveways, airplane hangars, restaurants, and much more. They follow the same preparation methods that ensure the integrity of their coatings. This will leave clients with a coating that provides longevity and will ultimately be cost-saving versus other competition in the area.

Garage floors can be a DIY project, but be prepared to maintain the project every 2 – 4 years because that is the typical lifespan of these products. Like mentioned previously, we have the expertise in preparing, repairing, and designing garage floors and many other concrete areas. How far will you or another contractor go to ensure a quality coating that will save you not only money, but also time!!

crack repair

crack and spalling repair

epoxy garage repaired1

Check out our Garage Floor Coating In Columbus Ohio page to see the final finish of these projects! Contact us for a free quote for your home or business.

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