February 24, 2023
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Commercial Coatings for a Wide Range of Industries and Applications

Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus applies quality commercial coatings and sealants. A commercial coating is a modern chemical compound that provides protection against wear and damage so flooring retains its function and its appearance.

Some commercial coatings have anti-slip features as well. Businesses that apply professional-grade coatings to their flooring and keep up regular upkeep benefit from the coatings in many ways.

Why Use Commercial Floor Coatings?

Each business has its own needs and practices. Professional consultants with interior and exterior design experience routinely advise businesses on the most stylish, durable, and functional coatings for their companies. If you invest in new commercial coating for your new or older flooring, you can leverage the advantage of:

  • A clean and easy-to-maintain workplace that makes employees feel secure and promotes a culture of diligence and responsibility.
  • Floors free of scratches and other forms of damage causing less wear on casters, and equipment.
  • A documented history of anti-slip coating installation that could influence liability if someone falls.
  • Tidy flooring with bright colors promoting positive brand attributes such as vitality and conscientiousness.

Which Industries Use Commercial Coatings?

Many business owners, particularly if they are new to the industry, might not realize the importance of protective floor coating. When a business opens for the first time, all the equipment and furniture gleams. The floor has a luster, and the overall impression of the establishment is inviting.

A few years later, if the flooring is cracked or stained, customers might be too busy trying to avoid tripping on broken pavement or keeping their shoes clean to appreciate everything else your business has to offer.


Hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities need environments that are easy to sanitize, reduce the danger of falls, and allow foot traffic and wheeled traffic to flow smoothly,


Parking garages, walkways, and interior lobbies in hotels and restaurants give proprietors the first opportunity to impress their guests. A shiny, bright, yet slip-resistant floor will give customers a favorable impression that could extend to room quality, service, and food quality as well.

Manufacturing Flooring

Factories and processing centers can be tough on floors. Vibration, heat, sparks, and traffic from heavy equipment places significant stress on concrete and tile. A robust coating for industrial flooring keeps the floor structurally sound. If your manufacturing business runs on a tight schedule, you cannot afford to have factories sit idle because the flooring has become too unstable.

Retail and Showroom Flooring

Shopping malls and standalone stores receive a great deal of foot traffic and need frequent cleanups to keep them from looking dingy. Having to close sections of a store or expose customers to fumes risks straining the loyalty of existing customers and discouraging new customers from getting to know your retail locations.

Houses of Worship

Houses of worship are historically places that showcase grand and glorious architecture, from the Sistine Chapel to ultramodern megachurches. Every surface should support an awe-inspiring aesthetic. Whether you are aiming for a rustic or polished look, high-quality commercial coating technology can preserve your floors. They also improve acoustics.

Applying Commercial Coating in Columbus, OH

When you start the process of planning to apply a commercial coating in Columbus, OH, a good first step is to discuss the process with a qualified floor maintenance technician who understands commercial coating technology. The technician should understand the constraints of your business, the types of floors that need coverings, the function of the rooms that need coatings, and other relevant details.

The flooring technician should plan the application around your business needs. If your business has round-the-clock operation, like fire stations, hospitals, and hotel lobbies, you and the technician should plan to shield anyone using the space from fumes, noise, and dust.

Once the technician has sealed off the area, they will make the flooring as smooth as possible, filling in any scuff marks, gouges, and other flaws. The technician will then mix the commercial coating, first applying the base coat and then the top coat.

Depending on the type of coating, you might have to seal that area off for a time to avoid damaging the coating while it cures.

Types of Commercial Floor Coatings

Resin Epoxy

Resin epoxy flooring coatings are a traditional standby for many types of flooring. It is inexpensive yet durable. However, resin epoxy takes longer to cure and as it does so it can release irritating and toxic fumes. It is not as flexible as some other types of flooring.

Polyurea Coating

Polyurea coverings consist of two chemicals, an amine and an isocyanate, which combine to form a sturdy but flexible barrier against moisture, scratches, and other sources of damage.

Polyaspartic Top Coat

Polyaspartic coatings contain a type of polyurea called aliphatic polyurea. It is more expensive than regular (aromatic) polyurea, but it blocks UV rays. For this reason, aliphatic polyurea is useful for top coats. They protect the underlying polyurea base coat as well as the concrete or other flooring beneath.

Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus

Now that you know more about commercial coating options, you might have more questions. Call today to learn more about obtaining flooring protection for your commercial properties, backed up by a five-year warranty against delamination.

To talk about flooring technologies and how they can provide effective solutions to your problems, call the coating experts at Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus at (614) 918-7345 for a consultation at your business in Columbus, OH.

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