May 10, 2023
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Commercial Coatings: Enhancing the Appearance of Your Business

How can you remedy those boring, concrete floors? Not only do they look dull and unimaginative, but they also require lots of maintenance and care. Can you find a way to make your commercial property look brighter and more inviting to customers and staff members? Our customizable commercial coatings breathe new life into any commercial property. 

At Premier Concrete Coatings, our team has a fantastic solution! They also come with a few other perks. Continue reading to learn more.

Considering Commercial Coatings?

Most commercial buildings feature a standard concrete floor. Concrete materials degrade significantly over time, developing unsightly cracks, fissures, holes, and stains. This damage increases the floor’s homeliness while contributing to potential trip hazards.

Heels get wedged into larger cracks and holes. An unsuspecting customer could misstep and fall because of such fissures. This depreciation contributes to property devaluation, potential injuries, and an unseemly and outdated appearance.

Quality coatings are effective solutions for each problem! Your business will undergo a simple installation process. You can also pick the base coat and commercial painting customizations you desire to elevate the appearance of your new floor.

Choosing a Base Coating

Commercial coatings involve two potential decorative options: the base coats and the final paint detailing provided by skilled floor painting contractors. First, you’ll select a base coat that matches your aesthetic preferences and your industry’s requirements.

Some of the most popular base coats for commercial coatings in Columbus, OH include the following styles.

  • Epoxy flakes: These flakes come in an endless array of colors and create a mottled or speckled effect on the floor. Business owners love them because technicians can easily apply a layer of flakes that match their brands’ color palettes.
  • Epoxy tiles: If you prefer the sleek, sophisticated look of tiles, you’ll love the cosmopolitan appeal of epoxy tiles. These tiles range from basic, uniform color schemes to more complex designs that seamlessly enliven any space.
  • Grand flagstone: Achieve the natural, elemental aesthetic of stone without the constant upkeep! Grand flagstone epoxy perfectly mimics the appearance of an outdoor pathway sans the tripping hazards and continuous maintenance.
  • Tucson slate: This style creates a subtle marbled effect. Its elegant yet muted aesthetic doesn’t overpower other features in the room.
  • Metallic marble: For a richer, more dramatic floor coating, explore options that feature the metallic marble pattern. It offers a cosmically hypnotic appeal.
  • Rustic concrete wood: Perhaps you want the classic simplicity of wooden floors without the upkeep that comes with it. Rustic concrete wood looks exactly like genuine hardwood floors.

Unsure of which choice would best match your brand and industry? Floor technicians will gladly guide you to the perfect match!

Customizing Your Floor Coating

If you could add any feature to your commercial floor, what would you add? You have endless possibilities with commercial coatings. Commercial painting contractors will use industry-leading equipment to create the imagery or detailing your floor needs.

Many business owners choose add-ins such as large-scale logos, branded floor signs to direct foot traffic, and other details to subtly push their brand. You can discuss your vision with your flooring technician, and they’ll walk you through each option.

Coating Installation

But what about downtime? Like many business owners, you can’t afford to close down for extensive renovations that take weeks to complete. Fortunately, coating installation typically takes a few days at most.

First, the technicians clean, polish, and repair your concrete floor. They’ll eliminate any debris that might prevent proper adhesion. They’ll also diligently mend any cracks or fissures along the surface.

Next, they apply the primer. The primer completely coats the porous concrete for unrivaled adhesion. They then add several base coats featuring your chosen epoxy or polyurea pattern.

The final step is the polyaspartic topcoat. This coat seals the epoxy or polyurea, protecting the base coats from chemical spillage or UV damage. If requested, the technicians will add epoxy flakes at this time as well.

The duration of the process depends on the size of your floor. However, most installation services only take about two to three days total. Other types of floors could take more days to cure, adding a week or more of lost business.

Custom Coating Advantages

A new floor coating has various advantages besides its visual appeal. Its versatility makes it a must-have for virtually any industry, from kitchens and firehouses to showrooms and garages. But how can it tangibly improve your business operations? What makes it such an essential investment?

First and foremost, a custom coating can last more than twice as long as the average concrete floor. Bare, untreated concrete only lasts around ten years. Well-maintained concrete might last 15 years.

Coatings last 20 or more years with far less maintenance than concrete requires. Its resistance to fire, chemicals, moisture, and impact contributes to its durability. Plus, its attractive surface gleams like new, making customers feel as though you designed your business with them in mind.

Choose the Best Commercial Coatings in Columbus, OH for Your Commercial Property

Ready to take the leap and transform your commercial property into something spectacular? Our highly skilled flooring technicians at Premier Concrete Coatings can help! Get your free quote by calling 614-665-8975 and start exploring our phenomenal selection of custom commercial coatings.

Each coating comes with a warranty that lasts five years and protects your new floor from delamination.

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