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November 4, 2015
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Commercial Concrete Flooring Powell Ohio

Commercial Concrete Flooring Powell Ohio – In recent years, our home in the buckeye capital has been

commercial concrete flooring columbus ohio


booming with residential, commercial, and industrial projects. General Contractors have been searching for a reliable Commercial Concrete Flooring specialist and have called upon us for their recent in-door projects. We use Epoxy, Concrete, Rubber, Stains, Flakes, and much more to obtain the look that the project’s designer desires. Tile patterns, borders, multiple color options – are just a few custom ways to make a commercial, public floor stand out from other area competitors.

Think about it from a customer stand point… What does a customer see upon entering the establishment? Typically Merchandise, Staff, and of course… THE FLOOR! Let your floor send a message to the customer about what kind of store they have entered!

We recently had the opportunity to install a couple of epoxy flooring projects for a farm out near Powell, Ohio. The first couple of projects that they had us tackle was their bathrooms. They built a public restroom for visitors this past summer and were looking to take them to the next level – they wanted a coating that would be different from normal restroom floors, but also offered the benefit of slip-resistance and beauty.


epoxy commercial flooring columbus ohio

Tile pattern layout

  • Stunning “WOW” Factor
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Easy to Clean/Maintain (Simply Mop & Wax once a year)
  • Custom Designs (colors, tiles, borders)
  • Durable and Long-lasting
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Seamless

After some consultation, we came up with two different epoxy designs (one for the Men’s and one for the Women’s bathroom):

Epoxy Metallic Marble – Green Metallic – Powell Ohio

Epoxy Tiled Checkerboard – Powell Ohio

Call us today at 614-918-7345 for a free estimate for your next commercial flooring project. We strive to provide the best customer service and high quality coatings in the Columbus market. We take a number of steps in preparing concrete for our coatings that is superior to other contracts in our area. We will consult with you one on one to find the best coating for your project – every concrete floor is special in someway (whether it be old, new, previous flooring, cracks/joints, repairs, etc).

Commercial Concrete Flooring Powell Ohio

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