April 14, 2023
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Creating a Safe and Stylish Showroom with Our Commercial Coatings

Regardless of what you are selling, how you display the products in your showroom is crucial. Whether you deal in furniture, automobiles, or retail products, wowing your customers is the first step to completing a sale. While there are various solutions you can implement, tending to your showroom flooring is key. After all, nothing will serve as a better backdrop than a sleek, stunning surface. This is why commercial coatings matter. A high-quality commercial coating will help your showroom floor withstand heavy foot traffic and product load. Most importantly, the finish it creates will significantly enhance the experience you provide customers. Read on to learn how Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus’ commercial coatings can help you create a safe and stylish showroom.

Cost-Effective Showroom Flooring in Columbus

Though many tend to overlook it, a showroom’s floor matters almost as much as the products on display. In fact, a flawless floor can give your business a significant edge. However, you don’t only need your floor to look excellent; you also need them to have the strength to be able to handle heavy loads and foot traffic without fading or developing damage. Fortunately, there are various commercial coatings that can help you achieve this. At Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus, we offer effective solutions that are ideal for industrial environments. For instance, our coating experts implement flooring systems that can comfortably withstand harsh treatment. They also offer anti-slip coatings that promise to enhance the safety of your showroom floors. What’s more, given the wide range of styles and colors these coatings come in, you can attain the custom finish you desire

Benefits of Installing Commercial Coatings in Your Showroom

Here are the benefits you stand to enjoy by installing a high-quality commercial coating in your showroom.


A quality commercial coating will create a hard-wearing, durable surface. The finish it creates can withstand anything without chipping, fading, or developing scratches. Moreover, with proper maintenance, the coating can last for years without needing replacing or extensive repairs.


Besides enhancing your floor’s strength, the right coating can also make it safer. Concrete surfaces can get slippery when wet. On top of that, the pores and crevices they have can harbor dust and other contaminants that can impact indoor air quality. Fortunately, our coatings can help you resolve these hazards. The smooth, seamless surfaces the coatings create prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and other harmful contaminants. Furthermore, thanks to their anti-slip properties, your customers and employees won’t have to worry about slip-and-fall accidents.

Easy Maintenance

Since the surfaces our coatings create are smooth and seamless, maintaining them is much easier. All you’ll need to do to remove dirt, dust, and debris is simply mop them with warm water and a mild cleaning agent. If that isn’t enough, the floors won’t need frequent waxing or refinishing to retain their appearance.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the key advantages our coatings offer is visual appeal. They come in an extensive range of styles, patterns, and high gloss colors that are sure to meet your stylistic preferences. You could even incorporate a logo or unique design into your showroom flooring.

Types of Commercial Coatings We Provide

Many customers are often surprised to learn about the many showroom flooring options they have. Some options prove to be a protective, long-lasting solution, while others are decorative and are mainly meant to wow and attract potential customers. Though the flooring you opt for depends on your needs, here are three epoxy systems you might want to consider.

Epoxy Flake

This flooring system is one of the most popular choices on the market. Epoxy flake coatings offer a crisp, clean look while significantly enhancing your concrete floor’s durability. The coatings consist of a layer of epoxy, quartz, or vinyl flakes, which we top off with two coats of polyaspartic. If durability and a sleek finish are a main priority, our coating experts can add a layer of high-build epoxy before applying the polyaspartic topcoat.

Metallic Marble Epoxy

Is your showroom in need of floors that feature stunning decorative designs? Then the metallic marble epoxy coating is perfect. This flooring option is highly decorative, creating finishes that are sure to wow potential customers. Metallic marble epoxy consists of industrial strength epoxy, which we fuse with colors of your choice. The flooring also contains a durable polyaspartic topcoat that you can wax to help your floors retain their appearance. Besides being visually pleasing, metallic epoxy is also durable. In fact, few other flooring systems can offer such unique, long-lasting landscapes.

1-2-3 Epoxy System

If you are looking for a simple, cost-effective flooring system, you can never go wrong with 1-2-3 epoxy coatings. This flooring system has three layers, a coat of solid color epoxy and two polyaspartic coats that you can color. The system requires little maintenance, is very easy to clean, and offers reliable durability. Thanks to the endless color choice, you can customize your floor to meet your unique stylistic preferences.

High-Quality Commercial Coatings in Columbus

The right commercial coating can completely rejuvenate your showroom, enhancing its overall look and feel. At Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus, we dedicate our expertise to implementing customized solutions that will leave you with the perfect showroom flooring. Contact our flooring professionals today at 614-918-7345 to discuss your needs and enjoy the best commercial coatings in Columbus.

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