January 19, 2022

How much does Commercial Epoxy Cost?

On average, commercial floor coating  costs anywhere between $4 and $12 per square foot. Pricing varies due to many factors. The saying goes, you usually get what you pay for. Pricing typically includes:

  • The time it takes to prepare the concrete slab and profile it for an epoxy coating
  • The amount of repair work needed to fix any flaws in the substrate
  • The labor and materials required to install the epoxy floor system

Commercial floor coating costs are competitive with other types of flooring. However, commercial floor coating systems shine in certain atmospheres where traditional flooring is not ideal. Places such as restaurants, retail spaces, offices, wedding venues, warehouses, shops, and manufacturing environments. 

Generally, the large part of an epoxy floor project is made up of preparing and repairing a concrete floor for the epoxy material. This is key in the longevity of the floor which can last for years and years. It also plays a role in how well the final product turns out. Usually, this step is overlooked. Any top-notch contractor will emphasize their attention to detail and its importance in this step. 

This step requires specialty equipment and consumables to prepare the floor properly. For commercial projects, 700+ pound walk behind floor grinders are used to diamond grind the floor to achieve a specific profile. High powered vacuums are attached to these floor grinders to keep dust from floating in the air. This specialty equipment is expensive, but important in completing a project on time and correctly. 

There are various epoxy flooring systems that also make the price range. Simple 2-coat systems are traditionally on the cheaper end. Whereas decorative epoxy costs are on the higher end of the price range. The application and design process are more involved, requiring a keen eye to detail and communication with the client. 

Older concrete that requires more repairs and additional epoxy layers will also be more expensive.

At the end of the day, all epoxy flooring systems are durable. The preparation practices bring about value and longevity for a client. 

Lastly, when considering flooring costs, a decision maker should plan for the future. Having an epoxy flooring system installed in a commercial building can have benefits longevity – saving money in the long run. 

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Chipotle had a very basic design when it came to building their restaurants. The floor that was spec’d for installation at time of construction was no doubt a cheap solution. We all know Chipotle can be very busy which corresponds with A LOT of foot traffic. Guess what happened? Their floors didn’t hold up. Some locations are so bad that the first spot at the counter – the concrete is worn through to aggregate. It’s like you’re walking on a floor from 1742. 

Fast forward to today and Chipotle realizes their mistake. What does it cost them to shut down the restaurant and install a new floor? Or how fast can it be turned around? Obviously, it can be very costly to shut down for multiple days. Or on the other hand, it can be very costly to have someone install fast-set materials on 3rd shift to have the restaurant open the next day. 

Chipotle chose the latter of the two options. If I had to guess they probably paid 4 – 5 times more to have a new floor installed overnight (it looks okay) instead of being installed correctly on day one. This style floor doesn’t match with their restaurant atmosphere – they went with garage flakes versus their traditional polished style flooring.

Circling back to my beginning point, having the proper epoxy flooring system installed saves time and money in the long run.

Furthermore, you can see this same example in the polished concrete world. Big Box retailers, such as home improvement and grocery stores, all have chosen polished concrete as their flooring. However, they never take care of the floor which makes it always look bad. They thought they signed up for a relatively low-maintenance flooring system, but what they’ve turned it into is a situation like Chipotle. 

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