July 17, 2015
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Concrete Driveway Repair

Concrete Coating: Graniflex

Concrete Driveway repair is essential in increasing its longevity. We have a slip-resistant, waterproof, no maintenance solution for you. When homeowners are considering upgrading their home in preparation for selling; they don’t typically consider the driveway. The driveway is a focal point for curb appearance, just as much as the landscaping in the front yard. More so, the concrete driveway is an investment for the home as it provides the functionality for parking, playing, working, and more. As it deteriorates over time, homeowners turn to concrete driveway repairs to protect it and increase its longevity.

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Applying rubber basecoats

We had the opportunity to resurface an existing concrete driveway in Dublin, Ohio back in May with our Graniflex, rubberized coating system. The homeowner elected to make the surface virtually seamless along with going with two different flake blend options. The apron of their driveway was beginning to deteriorate from salt and freeze-thaw cycles in the winter. As you can see from the pictures, they were experiencing their concrete flaking and were in need a of a repair solution.

According to Concrete Network, “Longer-lasting, less maintenance, and cost-effective are the top three attributes of driveways installed with decorative concrete.” They continue to explain in more detail how installing a decorative concrete coating over top of your existing driveway will help prevent against deterioration. Learn more from this article by click this sentence along with other useful concrete driveway repair information.

Compared to other options – such as concrete stamping, we are a very affordable solution in protecting your concrete driveway. Most stamped concrete installations run from $6 – $15 per sq ft where our Graniflex coating system runs for around $6 – $9 depending on the uniqueness of the design. Unlike stamped concrete, Graniflex offers many benefits providing homeowners with a greater value.

We are the #1 installer of Graniflex, the rubberized coating system in Columbus, Ohio. We have installed tens of thousands of square feet this summer alone in with this coating system and only find more and more clients interested in this system versus others. Please call us today @ 614-918-7345 to receive a free consultation for your concrete project or simply visit our contact page by clicking here to fill out a form.

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