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May 26, 2017
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Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing Columbus Ohio

Tired of having boring, ugly concrete around your pool deck? Or is your stamped concrete faded, chipping up and looking for something new? We have a variety options for restoring your existing pool deck into a beautiful, slip-resistant surface for your home. Design options are endless as we can create tile patterns, brick borders, stained concrete, and much more. With Spring around the corner, please call us for great concrete pool deck resurfacing options.

We are offering this 2017 concrete knock down options as a solution for resurfacing your existing concrete pool deck. There are many benefits to resurfacing your pool deck.

[h2a] Advantages & Benefits [/h2a]

  1. Slip-Resistant – less slip and fall accidents
  2. Cool Temp Surface – the design of the coating allows for a cooler surface on the feet during hot, sunny days
  3. Decorative – revitalize your outdoor living space
  4. Easy to Clean – can be pressured washed every year
  5. Low Maintenance – Only needs to be re-sealed every 2 – 3 years to prolong life of surface

*Maintenance: we offer DIY kits or discounted maintenance packages to keep the coating looking new through the years!

[h3a] Installation Process [/h3a]

Textured Knock Down

Textured Knock Down

Much like our other installations, we diamond grind the concrete prior applying any coatings. This allows us to have the correct surface profile for our concrete to bond. In most cases, we also pressure wash to rid the surface of any contaminants and get dirt and grime out of those low spots that the 30″ or 18″ grinder can not hit.

From there, we then apply a base coat of concrete that will give us our low spots. This is necessary to help create slip resistance. From there, we then either begin our tile pattern, or move on to spraying out a knockdown finish – creating high spots for slip-resistance traction. All this concrete has integral color mixed in meaning that the concrete is colored so if any chipping or scratching occurs. The problem area will then remain the same color to help somewhat hide it.

Lastly, we apply an acrylic sealer that needs to be maintained every 2 – 3 years to protect the concrete and color from harmful UV rays. When the sealer becomes worn off, the concrete color will fade and also allow moisture to penetrate into the overlay exposing it to Ohio’s freeze/thaw cycles in the Fall and Spring which leads to deterioration.

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