March 3, 2023
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Durability Meets Style: The Perfect Solution for Durable Garage Floors

Are garage floor epoxy coatings the right solution for your concrete floor? In this post, the Premier Concrete Coatings team analyzes the primary options for concrete coatings to allow you to make an informed decision. Read through here to learn more about your durable garage floors options in Columbus, OH, and their advantages and disadvantages.

The Top Flooring Options on the Market Today

Durable Garage Floors Epoxy Coating

Garage floor epoxy coatings offer property owners a smart way to protect their garage floors. Thanks to technological advances, floors with polyaspartic coatings can last as long as 15 years or more in the average home garage.

The advantage is that installation is relatively quick. It takes just a day to install the floor coating, and the surface is move-in ready 24 hours later. The flooring is high-performance, resists chemical spills, and is low-maintenance. Cleaning is as simple as wiping it down with water and a mop in most cases.

Where this flooring shines, however, is in its versatility and customizability. The coating sinks into the pores of the concrete, bonding with it permanently. You can, therefore, cover up minor cracks and imperfections, enabling you to put off resurfacing the floor.

The fun part comes with the design options. You can select several additives, such as:

  • Pigments
  • Flakes
  • Mica
  • Glass
  • Metallics

No floors are exactly alike, as we apply each element by hand. It’s easy to recreate looks varying from natural granite to 3-D designs.

Durable garage floors with epoxy coatings require professional installation. There are home kits available in local hardware stores, but they will not deliver the desired results. Also, without a polyaspartic coating, the epoxy layer will discolor over time.

Finally, the flooring is not suitable if there is moisture coming through the floor. Water damage will cause delamination, regardless if an expert performs the installation. However, our team will carefully check for moisture issues before we begin the installation, and if we detect any, we will speak to you about them.

Our experts evaluate the condition of your flooring before we offer any estimate. If we feel that something will interfere with the results, we are honest about it. We offer a 5-year delamination warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Durable Garage Floors Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is a hard-wearing option that can handle high pressure and traffic. With this technique, the contractor polishes the surface using successively fine grits of sandpaper. They also apply hardeners to the floor.

The advantage is a surface that is durable, extremely strong, low maintenance, and easy to clean. However, professional installation is expensive, and the floor is not as chemically-resistant as with concrete coatings. While it is more difficult to stain these floors, it is still possible and you must take care not to damage the finish.

Rubber Tile Flooring

Rubber tiles make for a good option if you have a limited budget. There are few maintenance requirements, and the floor is easy to install. You don’t need a professional to assist you. However, this flooring is neither as durable as garage floor epoxy coatings nor as easy to clean. Also, as the tiles don’t bond with the concrete, they will lift over time. The rubber has little stain resistance and will look worn quicker.

Metal Flooring

There’s no denying how attractive metal flooring is. It’s relatively simple to install, hard-wearing, and easy to clean. However, the trade-off is the high cost and low resistance to stains and chemicals. The floors usually also have seams present, and dirt accumulates in these.

Overall, metal gives a flashy finish that is appealing. However, you can achieve similar effects using metallic elements in epoxy.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring also works well for a limited budget but only in a low-traffic garage. The material is relatively hard-wearing but won’t stand up well to pressure. Many homeowners choose to coat the vinyl with floor epoxy coatings to prevent a chemical reaction from spills.

The upside is that you can choose sheets or tiles and install them yourself. The downside is that the vinyl will lift and is prone to becoming brittle and tearing. It is water-repellant but will stain easily unless you apply garage floor epoxy coatings in Columbus.

Stone Flooring

The most durable garage floors are stone floors like graphite, flagstone, and sandstone. It is difficult to crack or chip them, and they look outstanding. However, they are also the most expensive option.

Another issue is that the flooring is cold in winter, so this is not a good option if you spend much time in the garage during the day. Also, depending on how porous the stone is, it may stain fairly easily. Finally, as this is a natural medium, getting a consistent pattern across all the flagstones can be challenging.

Contact the Professionals for Durable Garage Floors in Columbus, OH

Premier Concrete Coatings provides the best options for professional garage floor epoxy coatings in Columbus, OH. In the last ten years, we’ve helped many property owners transform their homes and businesses and protect their assets.

We follow the simple principle that the customer always comes first. We work hard so that each client ends up with floor coatings they are satisfied with. We start by hiring the most qualified technicians and then providing them with top-of-the-line supplies and equipment.

Contact Premier Concrete Coatings at (614) 918-7345 for your free estimate today!

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