May 26, 2017
Residential / Basement

Epoxy Basement Concrete Stain Marysville Ohio

After doing some research about homes flooding, I’ve discovered that 1 and 4 homes in America flood during a 30-year period. Typically, these homes are outside of high-risk flooding areas. Floods can cost homeowners anywhere from $2,000 – $10,000 and your typical homeowner’s insurance does not cover any flood damage. You need to get flood insurance to protect you from any future damages. This is about our Epoxy Basement Concrete Stain Marysville Ohio project.

To save money and hassle, many of our clients have chosen an epoxy basement concrete coating for their basement floor for the waterproof  benefit. No tearing out or replacing like traditional flooring.

We recently had the pleasure of working for a family out in Marysville, Ohio who had experienced a basement flood. Their previous carpet and baseboards were soaked with water. The homeowner hired a professional restoration company to come out and save the carpet and baseboards, but unfortunately the money was not well-spent. The restoration company was unable to save anything in the basement and everything had to be torn out and replaced.

That is when he found us on the internet and called Premier. He really liked our Metallic Marble Epoxy and chose a single pigment design for his floor. Upon completion, he praised us on our professionalism, craftsmanship, and cleanliness throughout the entire project. He even said, “I should’ve done this years ago!”

Not only does our coatings offer benefits superior to traditional flooring; there is no flooring that can replicate it. This is no pre-fabricated floor system. We literally make up the design on the spot with skills and technique we’ve acquired from installing over 100,000+ sq ft in the past several years. We are confident that our team is the #1 installers of Metallic Marble epoxy in Central Ohio. 

Installing our Metallic Marble epoxy in basements is no joke, we’ve perfected our craft (not only by skill, but also by product). We use only the highest quality products that we trust in our own homes. We offer clients with good / better / best options and provide recommendations based off of a detailed consultation with each homeowner.

Our installation process prevents cracks and holes from showing through the floor. Our 3-layer coating system prevents out-gassing that causes ugly bubbles to form in the floor. Despite our craftsmanship, these can still occur, but we’ve had few and far between occurrences in the past couple of years.

Our passion has driven us to provide clients with only the best. Cheaper companies typically will run into these issues and you will not see them until the final day on the floor.

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