July 13, 2022

Why Epoxy Coatings Can Turn Yellow and How to Prevent It

Imagine you’re a home or business owner in Columbus, Ohio, currently unhappy with their current coating station. Coating choices, like epoxy, can be highly volatile; though it is popular, that coating option is susceptible to yellowing. Yellowing can diminish the look of your business or home and compromise the finish you paid good money for. Your basement, driveway, or commercial property shouldn’t have to endure this pain. Instead, the crew at PCC Columbus can provide solutions to your discoloration problems. Yellowing might seem like a problem without a solution, but there are many options to attack the problem. PCC Columbus helps revamp your coatings at a competitive rate while employing a helpful, caring team. With PCC Columbus, the team will transform your yellowing services, improving your life as a property owner for the better. For the most qualified crew for the job, contact PCC Columbus.

What is Yellowing?

Yellowing is a problem with some epoxy. It results from several factors and can be a pain for home and business owners. However, yellowing is not incurable. Yellowing of epoxy coatings is avoidable when learning where it comes from and how to stop it.

Why Epoxy Turns Yellow

The degradation of polymers within epoxy is the first step in causing the coating to turn yellow. The primary source of the degradation is direct sunlight exposure, specifically from UV rays. UV rays can be harsh on an epoxy finish, breaking down the coating just from years of the sun beating down. Extreme heat also adds to yellowing, as the coating faces weathering. Indirect sunlight, also known as ambering, can add to the problem of yellowing. Ambering is also a result of extreme heat and high temperatures. Also, oxidation can lead to yellowing, as the hardener for the coating is exposed to an abundance of oxygen, creating a yellow finish for the coating.

Solutions For Yellowing

There are several solutions to choose from when solving the problem of yellowing in epoxy. First, if the yellowing is happening in the interior of your property, shut your windows and doors to control weather. Closing windows help with the amount of sunlight your epoxy coating is receiving. Controlling weather might seem simple, but this can help prevent years of yellowing. Don’t use soap-based cleaners on your epoxy, as it discolors and yellows the finish. Finally, if the yellowing is an outdoor problem, use PCC Columbus’ polyurea coating as an alternative to epoxy to prevent the further yellowing of your property. This finish doesn’t yellow as fast as epoxy and is built to last.

Why Choose PCC Columbus

Premier Concrete Coatings is the most trusted choice in Columbus for all your coating needs. Starting in 2013, founders Tom Hrncir and Lance Ferguson devoted themselves to being a hands-on, personal unit that serves as your first point of contact when doing business with PCC Columbus. After nearly a decade of concrete, epoxy, and flake installations, the company has grown more prominent than ever without surrendering the personal responsibility to our customers that Premier Concrete Coatings values. PCC is a group of entrepreneurs devoted to giving back to the community and doing so by offering the best epoxy installations in the midwest. PCC only uses the best equipment and team members to finish a job, ensuring only a high-quality installation. PCC is not a franchised company. Instead, we focus on giving everything we have to the people who have always been loyal to us. Though less expensive options are available, we believe our services will be worth your money and time.

Get a Free Quote

Premier Concrete Coatings is the finest choice for home and business owners in the Columbus area looking to upgrade their yellowing epoxy services for a better finish. The crew at PCC won’t levy insane prices for our services. Instead, we will work with our customers to find a price point that won’t leave their wallets dry. A competent team of professionals will deal with your worries and leave your commercial or residential property in a place of satisfaction. Premier Concrete Coatings Columbus will work tirelessly to fix the yellowing epoxy that has served as an eyesore. So avoid the headache and contact Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus today for your free quote. Call us at (614)-918-7345 or email us at pccofcolumbus@gmail.com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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