January 21, 2022
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Garage Floor Epoxy: What’s The Best Product?

At Premier Concrete Coatings, we know everything about concrete coatings and flooring! So, when we start looking at the garage area, we get excited to discuss all the great options available. epoxy finish garage floor

However, one downside of having so many great options is that it makes it harder to decide which one is the best.

While that question is subjective, there are objective details about each type of garage floor epoxy.

Depending on what you need, one will most likely stand out from the rest and call your name! Premier Concrete Coatings offers epoxy tile, metallic marbles, and epoxy flake options.

Let’s look at what each of these options offers so you can make the best decision for your next garage epoxy material.

Epoxy Finish Garage Floor: What’s The Best Product?

While Premier Concrete Coatings offers both epoxy garage coating options and polyurea garage coating options, we will look at the epoxy floor coatings today, as they are the more popular option for residential homeowners. Let’s take a look.

Metallic Marble Epoxy

Metallic Marble Epoxy Flooring is metallic epoxy coatings that are considered high-performance coatings. They are 100% solid and contain a primer and a base coat. These epoxy coatings look absolutely fantastic! The marble gives off a pearlescent metallic appearance that will make you feel like you were in ancient Rome! These coatings typically last for at least 5-10 years and look great in any residential space.

Epoxy Tile

Epoxy tile is a type of garage floor coating that utilizes epoxy resin and floor tiles to create a completely unique material. These tiles are non-slip, impermeable to liquids, highly durable, and well suited for large areas.

Epoxy Flakes

Epoxy flakes are an excellent flooring product to use for interior flooring, concrete flooring, exterior flooring, garages, and basements. These epoxy flakes are vinyl chips blended with epoxy. The mixture of these two materials creates beautiful coating solutions that look as beautiful as many types of stone. Epoxy flakes are solid flooring options because they are durable, safe, economically, renewable, and easy to maintain.

What’s The Best Epoxy Finish Garage Floor?

So, when it boils down to the nitty-gritty, which epoxy finish garage floor product is the best? While each has its own advantages, the best epoxy product is truly the best for your garage. Metallic Marble Epoxy is excellent for people who want to professionally showcase their vehicles or garage area. Epoxy tiles are great for people who already have tiles on their ground who wish to put a coating over them and call it a day. And finally, epoxy flakes are great for people with concrete garage surfaces and want to make them look good without spending an arm and a leg. But, regardless of which material you use, you will want to use Premier Concrete Coatings to install it!

Why Choose Premier Concrete Coatings For An Epoxy Finish Garage Floor?

Premier Concrete Coatings is the epoxy garage flooring expert in the greater Columbus, OH area. Since 2013, Premier Concrete Coatings has helped countless people, businesses, and organizations with all their flooring needs.

Premier Concrete Coatings has shown many times that they are the decorative, residential, commercial, and industrial flooring experts. They have so many different services that it is hard to find a type of floor that they don’t do!

So, no matter what type of flooring project you need to get done, Premier Concrete Coatings can do it for you with the highest efficiency and affordability available. So, when you think of flooring, think Premier Concrete Coatings!

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Are you looking for a top-notch epoxy garage floor in the greater Columbus area? If so, Premier Concrete Coatings can help you out. Whether you need decorative, residential, commercial, or industrial flooring, Premier Concrete Coatings can get the best bang for your buck!

For more information, go to their website and submit a quote request at www.pccofcolumbus.com.

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