November 4, 2022
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Is Epoxy Flake Flooring Smooth?

Epoxy flake flooring is a versatile and smooth system that you can apply on top of concrete floors. Epoxy flake floors are lightweight and provide some texture with an overall smooth but hard surface. Using epoxy flake flooring is a quick and simple process that transforms the look of any room.

Epoxy flake flooring offers numerous benefits to your residential, commercial, or industrial concrete floor. The flooring system is not only smooth but also durable and easy to clean. In this post, we examine the benefits and the feel and appearance of epoxy flake flooring.

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What Are Epoxy Flake Floors?

Epoxy flake flooring uses polyester resin mixed with pigments to create the coat. After applying a base coat, a technician will apply the epoxy flake resin onto the surface. The heat lamps cure the resin and once hardened, the final result is a glossy, attractive floor.

Some epoxy floors may be smoother than others. Since the roughness and texture of the surface will vary depending on the amount of flake added later on to the surface, it is essential to factor this in. Generally, the more chips the coating system has, the more slip-resistant it is.

Benefits of Epoxy Flake Flooring

Customizable Colors

Epoxy flooring with flakes is available in an array of easily customizable colors. The versatility allows you to easily match the flooring to your home or business. In addition, the flakes never fade, meaning your floors will always look new and add shine to your space.

The epoxy color chips are small pieces of glass for a reflective and shimmering look. You can choose a multi-colored blend to help conceal dirt or oil spills or opt for a unique metallic look.


Epoxy flake flooring is a solid and resistant flooring system that will last for years. It is resistant to scratches, dents, scuffs, and stains, making it a safe option for an array of rooms. In addition, this flooring can withstand large equipment, vehicles, dropped tools, and heavy foot traffic, which is excellent for garage floors or industrial floors.

An epoxy flake floor system is water-resistant, and oil and grease will not stick to the surface. In addition, it is impermeable to paint, gas, acids, and alkalis. So whether you own a car dealership or a shop or want to improve the look of your basement, epoxy  flooring provides the durability you are looking for.

Epoxy flake flooring is easy and safe to work on because of its additional grip. The additional grip provides extra safety for you, your family, customers, or employees and adds versatility and depth without compromising the appearance. The flakes’ size also impacts the texture of your floor, but it is smooth overall.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy flake flooring systems are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a desirable option. The cleaning process is effortless, only requiring soap and water once every couple of months. In addition, because this flooring is undemanding, it is a great choice of flooring for schools, commercial kitchens, and hospitals.

In addition, epoxy floor systems do not accumulate dust, dirt, and other irritants that may affect allergies. Epoxy floors are also great if you have small children or pets.


Since epoxy flake floors are very durable, it is unlikely that they will require any repairs in the future. However, investing in the right flooring, keeping it clean, and properly maintaining it will ensure that it lasts for years and ultimately saves you money.

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