January 12, 2023
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Why Epoxy Is King for Garage Floors

If you want to update your garage, installing a new floor is a good place to start. The ideal type of garage floor depends on your specific needs, but epoxy flooring is most often the best choice for the job. Epoxy’s immense strength and versatility make it an ideal choice for garage floor updates. So today, the team at Premier Concrete Coatings is here to talk about why garage floor epoxy coatings are the best in the business. Epoxy Floor Cost Garage.

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Epoxy Is Incredibly Durable

First of all, epoxy is incredibly durable and resistant. Once it hardens, epoxy is virtually impossible to break with conventional methods. Epoxy consists of a tough resin that can absorb and disperse impacts, making it highly resistant to puncturing and cracking. Epoxy flooring can withstand the constant pressure of vehicles and heavy equipment in a garage without cracking, splitting, or flaking.

It is also highly resistant to chemicals and other substances. It won’t attract streaks from your car, and it is highly resistant to water, oil, and other liquids. Color flake epoxy products provide even more durability and tensile strength. No matter what you use your garage for, epoxy flooring can withstand abuse for many years to come.

Epoxy Is Low Maintenance Epoxy Floor Cost Garage

Epoxy is also extremely low maintenance. Since epoxy resin is resistant to most substances, you don’t need special chemicals to clean it. You can clean epoxy with just water and a normal floor cleaner. It is also chemically inert, so chemicals like gasoline, grease, and oil are easy to clean off. Homeowners need to clean their epoxy floors only once every couple of months to keep them in good condition.

The best tools to clean your garage floor epoxy coatings are a microfiber cloth or foam mop. You can also create a home cleaning solution by mixing ammonia and water together in warm water. You can use a small scrub pad to remove particularly stubborn stains and grime.

It Has an Attractive Finish

One reason epoxy flooring is so popular with Columbus homeowners is because of its attractive finish and multiple design options. Epoxy kits come in virtually every color you can think of and have several options for designs and textures. For example, you can buy color flake epoxy that adds decorative colored flakes. Many epoxy flake products are supposed to mimic the texture and appearance of terrazzo tiling.

Most modern resin floor systems use ?” flakes in complementary color combinations. Homeowners can choose color combinations that match the intended theme and design of their garages. A high-quality and attractive epoxy floor can increase your property’s resale value by an appreciable amount.

Epoxy Is Non-Toxic & Safe Epoxy Floor Cost Garage

Epoxy consists of resinous plastics, which are chemically inert and non-reactive. When it hardens, epoxy does not produce toxic fumes and is safe for children. Additionally, epoxy flooring installation produces less waste than other types of flooring applications, which reduces its environmental footprint.

Most epoxy floorings are also slip resistant, which reduces the chances of falling and injury. It makes a good garage coating choice if you expect the floor to get a lot of foot traffic.

It Lasts a Long Time

Last but not least, epoxy resin has a long lifespan. The typical resin coating can last upwards of a decade with proper maintenance and care. That means that epoxy is an ideal flooring option to get the most out of your investment. If you hire a professional, their expert application ensures a long lifespan.

Epoxy Drawbacks Epoxy Floor Cost Garage

No garage coating is perfect, garage floor epoxy coatings are included. Epoxy can sustain damage from hot metals from processes like welding, so it’s not recommended for heavy manufacturing use. If you buy a low-quality epoxy kit online, it will be more susceptible to hot tire marks. Buying from a professional ensures you get the best products.

Epoxy is also susceptible to UV exposure. Direct sunlight for extended periods can cause color fading and may compromise the top resin layer. So make sure that your epoxy floor is out of direct UV light.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings in Columbus Epoxy Floor Cost Garage

Premier Concrete Coatings has been providing concrete floor coating services for nearly a decade. Our garage floor epoxy coatings can enhance the usability of your garage and improve the resale value of your house. We always strive to provide superior customer service and top-quality craftsmanship.

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