July 27, 2022
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Why Do I Need To Etch Concrete For A Garage Floor Coating?

Suppose you are a homeowner who is currently unhappy with the current state of your garage floor. The surface might be cracking, weeds growing, or the floor crumbling or corroding. You might not realize it, but your garage floor is much more important than you think. A garage floor could not only store your vehicles but could also be a workshop or a man cave. With as much foot traffic as your garage faces daily, it doesn’t serve you or your home justice to not invest your money into rehabbing your garage floors from Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus. With PCC of Columbus, our team will install a new concrete coating for your garage that will enhance your space’s appeal, longevity, and durability. There are several options to choose from when coating your garage floor, from epoxy concrete coatings to a concrete seal, and our crew can help service your needs. This installation will last for years, and to ensure the quality of the job, etching concrete for a garage floor is a must. If you’re unaware of this practice, leave it to Premier Concrete Coatings to give you the rundown.

Processes of Etching

Etching Concrete is a practice that helps with the preparation process during epoxy concrete resurfacing for your garage floor. Even if the concrete is new, etching helps extend the lifespan of your new epoxy coating in your garage. Etching, or acid etching, opens the pores of your concrete and allows the coating to adhere to the initial surface to achieve optimum strength. As the pores of the concrete open, epoxy pierces the concrete and creates a solid bond. 

Why Etching Works

Etching your concrete creates a rough surface for your epoxy to latch on to. Grinding or shot blasting also helps with this practice, but etching your concrete has proven to be the most vital preparation tool to ensure your epoxy coating bonds with a concrete coating. Your epoxy coating needs to bond with the concrete to make the layer effective in protecting your surface from oil and chemical spills. Also, having a coating that bonds adhesively helps with the longevity of your garage floor. If the concrete is not prepared correctly and just added to the concrete, the coating can peel, resulting in a mess for your garage. Etching your concrete is the best way to prepare your epoxy coating for years of performance. 

Etching with PCC

Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus recommends etching your concrete to ensure the job’s quality. With PCC of Columbus, preparation is everything, as we want to ensure our installations last for years.

Why Choose PCC of Columbus

Premier Concrete Coatings is the most celebrated option in the greater Columbus area for your garage floor coating needs. PCC of Columbus offers industrial, residential, and commercial coatings to fit your every need. Since 2013, our founders, Tom Hrncir and Lance Ferguson have devoted themselves to being as hands-on with the business as possible and ensuring our customers feel personally involved with the entire process. Our crew is annually trained and certified, so there is no question that the team is ready to handle your installation with great care and quality. PCC of Columbus is a locally owned and trusted business within the greater Columbus community, serving Dublin, New Albany, Powell, and Westerville with the best concrete coating installations in the midwest. For the best possible experience at the best price, choose Premier Concrete Coatings. 

Get a Free Quote

Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus is the best choice in Columbus for all of your garage floor coating-related needs. No longer is there any reason to worry about a low-quality job, as PCC of Columbus guarantees quality. Utilizing the best materials and products for your installation, Premier Concrete Coatings will ensure that the floor looks good and can serve your family for years. In addition, the crew will endeavor to handle all your needs during the installation. Our crew is professionally trained and ready to turn your garage floor into the best version it could be. With Premier Concrete Coatings, there is no excuse to continue to be dissatisfied with your garage floor. Call Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus today at (614)-918-7345 for your free quote. You can also visit our website for more information regarding a quote.

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