January 26, 2022
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Importance Of Quality Factory Flooring

While different businesses can choose between installing carpeting, vinyl, or tile flooring, the industrial setting of factories calls for installing specific types of floors. Since factories operate under various use cases and technical specifications, the flooring you install needs to support these specifications. For instance, a factory floor might need to withstand high traffic, heavy machinery, and exposure to potentially damaging solvents and chemicals. With all this in mind, you can understand the critical role quality factory epoxy flooring plays.

Quality, Low Maintenance Factory Epoxy Flooring

Premier Concrete Coatings specializes in offering industrial floor coatings that can provide your manufacturing facility with surfaces that achieve the abrasion and impact resistance you need.

Our concrete polishing resurfacing option is the ideal solution for high traffic flooring, creating an industrial-strength flooring system with superior performance and durability. If that wasn’t enough, the coating needs no wax treatment in its lifetime.

There are multiple reasons why more and more industrial facilities are turning to our factory flooring and away from standard options like tile, granite, and VCT that you’d get at any flooring store.

Benefits of Installing Quality Factory Epoxy Flooring

Our solution combines hardeners and high-quality resins, with epoxy resin creating a durable coating when it chemically reacts with the concrete surface on which we apply it.

The following are some of the key advantages the resulting flooring system offers you.

Floor Protection

Considering the heavy loads, chemical spills, extreme temperatures, and constant traffic concrete factory floors have to contend with, deterioration can happen quickly. Fortunately, with an extra layer of epoxy coating, you can provide your concrete floors with the additional protection they need.

Increased Safety

Safety is a top priority in industrial settings. Factory floors should have non-slip surfaces that help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. epoxy coatings are an ideal factory flooring option that can increase the safety of your employees.

In addition to the non-slip surfaces it creates, the flooring also brightens surfaces by up to 400%. The increased visibility goes a long way in helping employees avoid obstacles that would have otherwise made them trip and fall.

Increased Productivity

Are you curious about the role installing epoxy coating on your floors plays in promoting productivity? With your employees not worrying about safety, they can focus on their jobs and perform them more efficiently.

Furthermore, with fewer accidents, you are likely to experience fewer sick leaves, meaning you can enjoy the benefit of having your complete workforce.

Easy Maintenance

With most factories bustling, the concrete floors often build up excessive dust and dirt. On top of that, the floors can develop stubborn stains from the chemicals that spill on top.

Fortunately, epoxy coatings create smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. These surfaces can even withstand pressure washing and harsh chemicals without getting chipped, worn out, or developing other types of damage.

Increased Durability

Another key benefit of our quality factory flooring is its ability to endure constant use, efficiently withstanding the test of time. After all, you don’t want to hinder production due to regular repairs or flooring replacements.

Common Factory Epoxy Flooring Applications

One of the best parts of the industrial flooring option we offer here at Premier Concrete Coatings is the vast application areas.

We can use the coating in:

  • Warehouse Flooring: Covering areas such as walkways, distribution centers, and shipping and receiving.
  • Municipal and Institutional Flooring: We can cater to facilities like universities, museums, hospitals, prisons, stadiums, fire stations, and military buildings such as commissaries and aircraft hangars.
  • Factory-Heavy Equipment Flooring: We also cover facilities such as manufacturing and power plants.
  • Retail Space Flooring: Stores can also benefit from this coating, from clothing, drug, and auto parts to hardware, grocery, and big-box stores.
  • Manufacturing Flooring: This application area deals with pharmaceutical, machine, and automobile shops.

Quality Factory Flooring in Columbus, Ohio

Considering its unmatched strength, durability, and performance, you can never go wrong when you opt for the quality factory flooring we offer. Enjoy the benefits of abrasion and impact resistance, easy maintenance, safety, and increased productivity, and create the most conducive environment to keep factory operations moving.

Reach out to us today and tell us about your manufacturing flooring needs. Our knowledgeable, experienced team is happy to take you through the options we offer, providing you with the help and support you need to find the most suitable solution.

Are you ready to get started? Contact Premier Concrete Coatings at (614) 918-7345 and get your estimate on the quality factory flooring we offer in Columbus, Ohio.

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