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November 27, 2015
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Industrial Concrete Coatings

We serve Central Ohio with variety of Industrial Concrete Coatings include: epoxies, polishing, rubberized surfacing, polyurethanes, and other resinous systems. Our industrial concrete coatings provide our client’s with a long-lasting, durable coating surface that promotes slip-resistance and safety. Like all our projects, we take a consultative approach when determine the best concrete coating system for our clients.

We have a flooring system for every business environment; perfect for warehousing, manufacturing, shipping docks, energy facilities, amusement parks, food processing, and much more.

We ask questions, visit the job site, and work with our client to figure out all variables prior to install. We strive to provide great customer service, high quality coating installation, and meet on-time deadlines. Furthermore, we work with our clients after install to ensure proper maintenance of our coating systems to guarantee a long coating life!

Inside or out, we follow OSHAA standards and promote safety on every job site. We have the proper equipment, safety guidelines, and safety tools to prevent injury. This helps keep your project on time and done professionally!

Not only do we provide a protective floor coating for your concrete, but we also can repair cracks, joints, holes, and missing concrete to make a smooth surface. We are not experts in leveling concrete, but we do have the ability to fix small trip hazards by either grinding or building up product.

We have the equipment to handle any job and the crew to work any schedule. We also have an 80 kilowatt generator for our machines so we do not need to work with your electrician for the project. We operate a self-sustaining project.

Please give us a call about your industrial flooring project for a free quote by simply filling out a contact form or giving us a call at 614-918-7345.

Industrial Concrete Coatings Pictures

Industrial Concrete Coatings

Polished Concrete


Industrial Concrete Coatings

Industrial Concrete Coatings

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