July 9, 2015
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Industrial Concrete Rubber Flooring

Are you looking for an Industry Epoxy Rubber Flooring coating for your exterior concrete area? Our rubber coating provides customers with a water-proof, slip-resistant finish to make your concrete floor the most efficient. When concrete is exposed to weather, there is a good chance that it will flake, pop, peel, and crack over time making the surface undesirable. Inefficient concrete can become a trip hazard, difficult to clean, and just plain ugly. Protect your concrete investment by letting our experts install an efficient, Industry Epoxy Rubber Flooring option for your business.


We recently had the opportunity to repair and finish an Industry Epoxy Rubber Flooring area for a power plant. Our industrial client had recently had 4000 sq ft of concrete foundation poured in the winter about a year and a half ago. They were now witnessing

their concrete flake, pop, and deteriorate from the weather over time. They were concerned their concrete was becoming a trip hazard and worried that eventual holes would start appearingindustrial-concrete-repair-contractor-3.

After consultation, our client chose our rubber flooring option to prevent further damage and enhance the surface with the benefit of slip resistance. Our rubber flooring option penetrates the concrete floor which ultimately prevents water from not only sinking in but also from not allowing it to come up from the ground. Thus, preventing water from expanding and causing the flaking, popping, pitting, etc – the problem their concrete is experiencing.

Here’s the rundown on how we installed this industrial concrete rubber flooring option:

1. Diamond Grind to achieve the correct surface profile.

2. Repair deterioration/holes to make surface flat.

3. Apply 2 coats of rubber and broadcast sand into second, wet coat.

4. Apply 2 coats of protective sealer.

In the end, our industrial flooring client was ecstatic about the outcome of our coating system. We were complimented on the

efficiency of our crew in working within their safety guidelines and work schedule, appreciated the amount of repair work and detail required to cover every horizontal area of the project (a lot of pipes to install around),  and lastly the benefits of slip-resistance, decorative look, and the actual waterproof ability of the surface (it rained on our follow up day).

If you’re looking for the right industrial concrete contractor for your job, contact us today for a free quote. We will consult with you one on one to learn your concerns, the functionality of the area, and provide you with a solution that will best fit your concrete’s needs.

Check out Sanitred for more information on rubber flooring; here is a link to their concrete blog.

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