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January 17, 2018
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Metallic Epoxy

Do you want to bring the “WOW” factor to your home? Our metallic epoxy floors will do just that. We’ve been perfecting this system for years and it’s been our go to flooring installation for basements. This type of installation is one of our most beautiful flooring systems that we offer, and it brings a one of a kind floor to your home.

We recently completed a basement floor with metallic epoxy for a couple who just purchased a new home. They wanted something special that would give them a unique design.. The process was very enjoyable for the couple because they were able to see all the hard work that goes into the epoxy system. We were able to transform their basement floor into a beautiful epoxy masterpiece.


  • First, we start out by diamond grinding the existing concrete surface, with our top rated professional equipment, which leaves us with the ideal surface. This is the most crucial step to all of our systems because this will prevent any chance of our products de-laminating from the concrete surface. Or also known as ‘peeling’.
    • Many “fly-by-night” contractors will merely just buff the surface or “wash” prior to installation – this is completely inadequate floor preparation.
  • Next we make all the necessary repairs to the concrete surface with high quality repair material. This includes filling joints, cracks and pitting to all the areas that are pitting or have holes. We typically give the repair material 8-12 hours to fully cure before we go back and diamond grind the repairs flush with the concrete. This step will leave us with a perfectly seamless floor to work with once we start our epoxy application process.

Metallic Epoxy Installation

It is pretty straight forward from here…

  • First, we apply a primer to the concrete allowing our epoxy to chemically bond with the surface.
  • Next, we apply a colored base coat to compliment the metallic epoxy.
  • We then apply two separate metallic epoxy colors which will result in a beautiful marble landscape.
  • Your choice to add a protective polyurethane layer to increase longevity (depending on household activities).
  • Now you have a one of a kind floor for you and your family to enjoy.

Want to see more pictures? Head over to our Metallic Marble Epoxy page to see our creative designs and various colors. We offer over 24+ custom colors and will blend colors to meet your design. Do you have more questions? Call or text us with your questions at 614-918-7345 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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