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January 24, 2017
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Office Concrete Flooring Sealer

Check out our increasingly popular interior Office Concrete Flooring Sealer in Columbus, Ohio. After reviewing our business in 2016, we have found that more and more commercial and retail spaces are choosing an indoor concrete sealer flooring finish. Partly due to the fact that a urethane coating is a durable, easy to clean, and stain/chemical resistant. Turn around times are typically within 3 – 5 days depending on the current concrete floor conditions with foot traffic availability after 24 hours. Continue reading this article to learn more about how we installed this system in an office space that previously had glued down carpet.

This particular project took place in Worthington, Ohio on High Street in 4 story office building. The new tenants that took ownership of a unit requested that they wanted a concrete sealer installed on their floor for the various benefits listed above. That is where we were called in to do the job. Upon arriving, we found heavy carpet glue, bolt anchors, and cracks. The client wanted an industrial look so asked for all the cracks and holes to not be filled because they felt it brought out the character in the floor.

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With an operating office building during the day, we were scheduled to work after 5pm. All labor commenced after this time to accommodate current tenants in the building. We spent 3 days removing all glue and diamond grinding the surface for our polyurethane coating. On the 4th day, we applied the polyurethane coating which allowed the new office tenants to move in over the weekend to begin operation come Monday.

This particular installation was a slow-going grind. Inch by inch we ground through the glue which ended up revealing a beautiful large aggregate in the high spots of the concrete. Not only is this a popular look here in Columbus, but also out in Denver where office concrete flooring sealer by Colorado Concrete Repair is used on several projects. Check out our own page of other grind and seal projects

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