August 14, 2022
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Oil Resistant Garage Floor Coatings That Will Last For A Lifetime

If there’s one thing garage owners have to contend with more than vehicles, it’s oil. Motor oil is abundant in garages and can stain clothes, tools, and worst of all, concrete floors. Fortunately, with help from Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus, you can keep oil spills from ever affecting your garage floor. We offer oil-resistant garage floor coatings that keep the concrete from staining and provide various other benefits, which we will explain below.

What Are Garage Floor Coatings?

Though people often compare garage floor coatings with garage floor paints, the two tools have stark differences. Garage floor paint is primarily for aesthetic value, offering a vibrant, high gloss shine to a dull concrete surface. Some garage paints have epoxy in them, a substance that hardens around concrete to provide wear and tear protection but not nearly enough to withstand the rigors of a garage. While garage paint has its place, visual enhancements are the only real benefit it offers. On the other hand, garage floor coatings provide aesthetic value and countless other benefits. We offer either a polyurea or epoxy system for the base layer and polyaspartic for the top coat, which combine to strengthen concrete surfaces and resist stains. Those high-quality materials will last a lifetime without losing their oil-stain resistance, whereas garage paint can’t prevent staining; it only covers existing ones.

What Sets Our Garage Floor Coatings Apart

Epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic are the three most commonly used materials in garage floor coatings, and our team is one of the few that offers all three. With that variety of high-quality options, you can craft a garage floor that fits your budget and the demands of your profession. Each material serves a different purpose, but one thing they share is their ability to resist oil stains for the long haul. No matter which coatings you select, all you will need to do to keep oil off the floor is wipe it up with a cloth; no stain remover required. Our contractors also understand each coating material and how to use it effectively, so you’ll receive unbeatable installation when you trust Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus and a five-year warranty on de-lamination.

Additional Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

While oil stains are a common issue in garages, they’re far from the only problem garage owners have to contend with that garage floor coatings can fix.

Crack and Chip-Resistant

Garages have to handle tons of weight from vehicles, heavy foot traffic, and rigid metal tools falling onto the concrete floor daily. Unfortunately, many garage owners quickly realize that unprotected concrete can’t handle that wear and tear, and will develop chips, scratches, and cracks over time. Our garage floor coatings are completely oil resistant but also keep those structural damages away. Not only are garage floor cracks unsightly, but they’re also a tripping hazard that a fresh concrete coating can keep away from your floor for good.


Garage floor coatings keep concrete floors looking fresh by preventing oil spills from staining and cracks from forming, but they also add a unique aesthetic aside from their preservation qualities. Concrete coatings smooth out floors and leave a shine that makes the space feel open and brighter. Additionally, our team offers decorative coatings that add color flakes between the base layer and polyaspartic top coat. We can tint those flakes in several colors and add combinations of multiple shades for a distinct appearance.

Decreased Heat and Slip and Fall Accidents

Concrete attracts heat from the sun’s UV rays when you don’t protect it with a coating. Unfortunately, that heat can stain garage floors, overheat the room, and even damage car tires. Garage floor coatings resist heat and UV rays, so they can make your work environment cooler and lower the risk that you’ll have to do extra work from a hot tire popping. Our coatings are also moisture resistant and offer stellar traction, so rainwater or oil spills won’t pose a high risk of slip and fall accidents.

Oil-Resistant Garage Floor Coatings From Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus

Garage floor coatings are the best way to oil-proof your garage’s concrete floor, and there’s no better place to get a high-quality coating than Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus. Our team offers multi-tiered polyurea or epoxy and polyaspartic concrete coatings that will last through your garage’s lifespan without losing their strength or stain resistance. Contact Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus today at (614) 918-7345 to request a coating estimate.

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