February 16, 2024

Real Testimonials from Homeowners Using Local Contractors

Choosing a contractor for your epoxy flooring or garage floor coatings project is a significant decision. Reading testimonials from homeowners who have already worked with a contractor near you can provide valuable insights into the quality of service you can expect. Here are real testimonials from satisfied homeowners who entrusted their projects to Premier Concrete Coatings Columbus. Kenneth G., a homeowner in the local area, shares his experience, “Great team! I chose them since they take more than 1 day to do your floor. 2 days of the 3 went into prepping the floor. The most important part of any job is making sure the prep is done very well or the final product won’t hold up in the long run. The price was even way less than those guys who get it done in 1 day. These guys have perfect reviews anyplace you look. That’s why I chose them along with being a smaller company that you deal with the owners makes it much better. I’m not just a job to them. They care about doing a good job and take pride in the work they do. Use them and you won’t regret it! Trust me! I would not lie about this good review. Wish I used them when I first moved in years ago. If I ever move I’m getting my floor done by these guys. If I’m still living in the area for them to do it.” Ben, another homeowner, chose Premier Concrete Coatings Columbus for his basement project. He says, “Premier Concrete Coatings’ craftsmanship and attention to detail far, far exceeded my expectations.  For example:  I know that a significant component of epoxy floors is preparing the underlying concrete: any imperfections there will show on the finished surface.  I was aware that there were voids in the concrete on the inside corners of I-beams that were reinforcing my basement walls, and I was sure that nobody other than me would ever notice this well-hidden flaw.  Not only did PCC notice, but they remediated the issue.  It says a lot that they cared enough to fix such a nearly invisible detail.” These testimonials highlight the positive experiences of homeowners who selected Premier Concrete Coatings Columbus for their flooring projects. By choosing a contractor with a proven track record, you can have confidence that your own project will be handled with the same level of expertise and professionalism. When it comes to epoxy flooring and garage floor coatings near you, Premier Concrete Coatings Columbus stands out as a reliable and customer-focused choice, ensuring your satisfaction from start to finish.

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