March 13, 2020
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Diesel Mechanic Shop Epoxy Floor – Circleville, Ohio

It’s been awhile in the making, but we recently got to finish up a project at a diesel mechanic shop epoxy floor in Circleville, Ohio. We started this project at the beginning of a massive renovation for a good customer of ours, PCC Transportation. PCC decided to move their HQ to a larger facility because of their every growing company. They found a large piece of property with an old mechanics shop and office space off of State Route 23 in Circleville. We were called out to clean up the existing diesel mechanic shop and install a gray epoxy with a polyurethane sealer to help protect against wear and tear.

Existing shop flooring – How does it become ruined?

What goes on in existing shop floor that cause it to become ruined? Well, here are few things that we were able to come up with right off the top of our head!

  • Constant dirt & grime – A shop floor can get dusty, dirty, and become difficult to keep clean.
  • Impact and Abrasion – Tools and parts are tossed around. Heavy objects scratch and scrape the floor. Create pitting, holes, and more.
  • Chemical Spills – Various harsh chemicals and fluids leak or are sprayed that penetrate concrete and leave stains.
  • Cracks & joints – These are magnets for dirt and grime build up. Eventually become trip hazards.
  • Gross Aesthetics – Shop floors become stained and pitted over time. Scratches, broken concrete become the norm. Additionally, make it DARK.
  • Previous Epoxy Coating – Some employees inherit a failing epoxy floor or one that was not maintained. Pitting, flaking, and rough texture can be a few of many characteristics making it harder to clean and operate.

Most clients do not see these as ISSUES. WHY? Because these shop floor characteristics are seen as NORMAL. Most businesses do not see the investment in a good shop floor which inherently leads to concrete being torn out and replaced! Furthermore, this becomes a jigsaw puzzle of different concretes – some which lack durable compounds and erode at faster rates.



Why should your shop have epoxy flooring?

Now that we’ve seen how a shop floor can be mistreated and what the consequences can be; what are the benefits of having an epoxied shop floor? What are the advantages?

  • Easy to Clean – One of the number one reasons our client’s love our floors. Everything simply wipes up and can be degreased.
  • Protection – Protects original concrete substrate from damage and stains.
  • Resistant to Impact & Abrasion – Can handle heavy equipment loads, accidents, and friction-based operations.
  • Resistant to Most Chemicals – Most harsh chemicals can be wiped up within a 24-48 hour period.
  • Seamless – Cracks & Joints can be filled and sanded flush with floor to make them disappear and the floor seamless.
  • Lighting – Gray epoxy flooring provides reflective lightening – creating an overall brighter working area.
  • Excellent Aesthetics – Uniform solid color makes for a clean and professional environment.
  • Employee Satisfaction – Employees notice the investment and will take care of and appreciate good flooring.

How easy is it to care for a Shop Epoxy Floor?

It’s pretty easy and with a little tender, love, and care – these floors will go a long way. Unless you have heavy fork-lift operations. There are expensive floors that can handle that kind of traffic.

  • Dust mop – just run the dust mop to get any debris and dust
  • Mop or autoscrubber – after the equipment purchase, clean your floor for pennies per sq ft.
  • Pressure washer and deep cleaning degreaser – bring in the big boys to clean up.

What if my floor is abused and it looks like crap down the road?

So, your floor is pretty beat up? Scratches, marks, dirty, etc? Ready to update or sell your space? That’s easy for us.

  • Recoating is typically 25-35% of the original floor installation cost.
    • We come clean up the floor, sand it, and reapply another urethane coating (colored) to make your floor look brand new.

Now that you know how shop floors become ruined; why you should have one, and how easy it is to care for a shop epoxy floor. You should consider the investment. Just check out these pictures and video of our installation procedure on this one.

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