October 24, 2022
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Top 5 Commercial Flooring Options: Our Expert Picks

What is the secret to selecting top-notch commercial flooring material for your facility? Every commercial space differs, and flooring products that work for a retail store may not meet the demands of laboratory or apartment flooring.

Here, the Premier Concrete Coatings team provides a rundown of our top five flooring options for commercial settings. We base the information on cost, application, modern flooring trends, and more.

#1 Epoxy

Epoxy flooring systems consist of a thermosetting resin. We typically add this to concrete for enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal. That’s why epoxy lasts a long time and requires minimal maintenance. ,

The advantages of epoxy flooring include the following:

  • Minimal installation cost
  • Cost-effective for various commercial applications
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Suited to manufacturing facilities and industrial applications
  • Aesthetically appealing enough for retail commercial floors
  • Sanitary enough for laboratories

While epoxy offers long-lasting endurance, this flooring requires professional installation for the best results. However, once it is in place, regular sweeping and only occasional deep cleaning will be enough to keep an epoxy floor looking like new.

#2 Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles offer trendy and surprisingly customizable combinations. These floor materials continue to gain popularity in office spaces for their affordability and versatility. Unlike traditional carpets, carpet tiles refer to pre-cut pieces designed for direct installation.

When something ruins a traditional broadloom carpet, property owners typically have to replace an entire roll of carpeting. Damage or a stain on a carpet tile requires a much simpler solution: clean it or replace the affected tile individually. So, carpet tiles require less time, material, and labor to maintain.

A great new trend is the emergence of industrial-strength carpet tiles. Along with moisture-resistant adhesives, these improvements mean you can install carpet tiles just about anywhere.

#3 Vinyl

When it comes to authenticity and visual appeal, vinyl is an unmatched commercial flooring option. Vinyl owes its popularity in commercial spaces to its availability in a wide variety of materials for half the cost. It is durable and comes in an impressive range of colors and patterns, including:

  • Natural stone
  • Ceramic tile
  • Natural hardwood and more

Whether you go for vinyl sheet flooring, luxury vinyl tile, or vinyl composite tile, you’ll enjoy a surface with superior moisture resistance. For example, commercial SPC (stone-plastic composite) vinyl features advanced four-layer flooring technology ideal for high-traffic environments, such as

  • Medical offices
  • Restaurants
  • Bathrooms
  • Hotels
  • Kitchens

#4 Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is perfect for industrial and commercial floors. Why? Its main attraction is cheap maintenance and easy installation compared to other flooring systems.

Most polished concrete produces less waste during installation, which makes it environmentally friendly. It also improves air quality since it resists mold, dust, mildew, and other common indoor allergens. When it comes to oil stains, chemical spills, and forklift traffic, polished concrete still offers great durability.

While the surface is more costly upfront than vinyl or laminate, polished concrete’s minimal maintenance lowers the overall commitment. Like with epoxy flooring systems, all it requires is a regular sweeping and occasional deep cleaning to look its best.

#5 Laminates

Are you looking for the elegant appearance of a natural stone or hardwood floor without the price tag? Laminate flooring won’t disappoint. Choose from various options of laminate flooring, including:

  • Smooth
  • Embossed
  • Hand-scraped
  • Distressed  and more

One highlight of laminate flooring is its resistance to stains and scratches. An excellent commercial flooring option, laminate floors feature a wear layer that protects your floor against fading. It also prevents yellowing from UV light better than other options like vinyl.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Floors?

Ultimately, choosing the right flooring material starts with hiring the right contractor. Whether you’re looking for a modern, industrial, or luxurious feel for your commercial space, a service like Premier Concrete Coatings offers a great balance of experience, skill, and innovation.

Our team considers the needs of each facility we assist before recommending any custom flooring solutions. Our experienced professionals will guide you during every phase of the project, from expert advice to installing the commercial floor to meet your needs and budget.

Which materials will provide you with the best value in terms of ease of installation, initial cost, and maintenance costs? Find out when you take advantage of our extensive experience in the flooring industry alongside technical expertise.

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Why wait to start that flooring project you have in mind? We offer high-quality commercial flooring services, standing by our service standards with an outstanding 5-year warranty against de-lamination.

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