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October 16, 2014
Basement | Decorative Concrete

Tuscan Slate Basement Columbus Ohio

Tuscan Slate Basement Columbus Ohio


Tuscan Slate Basement Columbus Ohio BlogLooking for a different way to turn your basement concrete floor into a decorative masterpiece? Look no further, affordable in price and 4-5 day install, Tuscan Slate Basement Columbus Ohio will make your floor a thing of beauty.

A few great benefits of Tuscan Slate Basement Columbus Ohio is that you can have the design option to make any size tiles, select from various color stains, and get a texture of real slate.

We are the number one installer of Tuscan Slate in the central Ohio market, so if you’re looking for a unique design unlike anything else this is the floor for you!

Tuscan Slate Basement Columbus Ohio is perfect for your home or business! Call 614-918-7345 for a free quote or e-mail pccofcolumbus@gmail.com

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