October 10, 2022
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What Are the Best Stains for Concrete Polishing?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your garage into the ultimate man cave or you’re looking to add durability to your business’s flooring, the world of concrete staining and polishing is much larger and deeper than many people might initially think. With different methods, as well as different applications to add color, it can be overwhelming to process the different ways concrete can be transformed. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options you have with your concrete, read on as we discuss how to select the best stains to create transformed concrete with excellent color in and around your property.

About Concrete Stains

If you’ve been considering getting your concrete upgraded, you’ve probably seen different methods people use to color it. Some people use paints and dyes to color concrete surfaces, which look good initially, but then they quickly wear off. This is large because paints and dyes stick only on the surface, while stains penetrate deep within the concrete to create long-lasting color. In addition, concrete stains are available in beautiful colors, especially earthy tones that create a gorgeously natural space.

Best Stains for Polishing

Though the products are always changing, here are some excellent stains on the market now for different types of concrete surfaces:

Exterior Concrete

If you’re looking to coat an exterior concrete surface, then you’ll likely want to look at using an acid-based stain. The reason for this is that these stains are typically more durable when exposed to the elements than other types of stains. For example, acid stains do well when exposed to chlorine, weather, and cars.

Interior Concrete

If you’re looking to coat an interior concrete surface, then you might want to select a water-based concrete stain. This type of stain is often better than an acid-based stain simply because they are easier to apply and in general, are less toxic. When you have bare feet or pets walking around, lack of toxicity is certainly top of mind. This will still get you a wonderful look that will last for a long time.

Premier Concrete Coatings Can Help

Founded by Columbus locals Tom and Lance in 2013, Premier Concrete Coatings has now served our community for nearly 10 years! We are a reliable, professional concrete coating contractor that creates excellent concrete work for jobs of any size. We pride ourselves on our workmanship, our ability to meet difficult deadlines, and our kindness when working with our customers. Because we are locally owned and operated, we are able to utilize premier products and cutting-edge processes that other, bigger companies are unable to do.

Call Us Today

If you’re ready to transform your concrete, then give us a call today at (614) 918-7345. We are happy to give you a free quote for your home and answer any questions you might have on the process of upgrading your home’s concrete. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you and your home soon.

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